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Pokémon GO Weather Cup - Best Picks And Rules

The Weather Cup brings a new set of teams to the Ultra League in the Pokémon GO Battle League. Find out what the best picks are for the new Cup.
Pokémon GO Weather Cup - Best Picks And Rules

Trainers have had plenty of new Cups to try in the Pokémon GO Battle League during the Season of Light, and the latest one is the Weather Cup. Each week has brought a new set of rules and restrictions that force Trainers to utilize new teams that they wouldn't think of.

Most of the new Cups in Pokémon GO are geared towards the Great League due to the access most players have and the competitive nature of the 1,500 CP. However, the Weather Cup was released at a higher CP and as a GO Battle League Trainer, you may need to do some digging for a good team.

Best Picks for the Weather Cup in Pokémon GO

Season 12 GO Battle League
Season 12 of the GO Battle League is off to a good start. (Picture: Niantic)

Any time there is a new Cup, the restrictions will dictate which Pokémon are at the top of the meta. For the Weather Cup, only four different types are allowed, including Fire, Water, Rock, and Ice. It makes the pool of picks rather slim compared to other competitions.

Of course, dual-type Pokémon are still allowed, so the meta has a bit of diversity. Below you can find eight of the most effective options in the Weather Cup, along with their best moves for a decent team.

  • Ludicolo XL - Razor Leaf (Fast) and Ice Beam / Leaf Storm (Charged)
  • Tapu Fini - Water Gun (Fast) and Surf / Moonblast (Charged)
  • Cradily XL - Bullet Seed (Fast) and Grass Knot / Stone Edge (Charged)
  • Swampert - Mud Slap (Fast) and Earthquake / Hydro Cannon (Charged)
  • Lanturn XL - Spark (Fast) and Surk / Thunderbolt (Charged)
  • Abomasnow - Powder Snow (Fast) and Energy Ball / Ice Weather Ball (Charged)
  • Regirock - Lock On (Fast) and Stone Edge / Focus Blast (Charged)
  • Samurott - Fury Cutter (Fast) and Hydro Cannon / Megahorn (Charged)

Each of these picks and their attacks are important to maintain if you want them at their best. If you choose a random attack, the effectiveness drops and the option could fall flat. Ensure that you have a good mix on your team with a lead and a closer instead of having three random picks.

Weather Cup Rules in Pokémon GO

Ultra Beasts
Celesteela and Kartana have gone live while the Weather Cup begins. (Picture: Niantic)

The rules for the Weather Cup are simple but substantial. First and foremost, the Cup is held at Ultra League rank, which is a maximum of 2,500 CP. Most players have Pokémon at the 1,500 rank with good moves, but higher ranks are tougher. This will make more experienced players better suited to the Cup.

Another major rule is geared towards types. Only Fire, Water, Ice, and Rock-types are allowed in the Cup. Dual-types are still allowed, but the other 12 types in the game are prohibited by themselves. Otherwise, there are no particular bans on any Pokémon.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.