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PUBG Mobile Messi Collab: Release Date, Football Arena, Vehicle, More

PUBG Mobile has announced one of the biggest collaborations of the year with Lionel Messi. Here's when it will be taking place.
PUBG Mobile Messi Collab: Release Date, Football Arena, Vehicle, More

Krafton has announced another major collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the legend Lionel Messi. As a part of the collab, his character will be introduced in the game along with a unique collection of in-game outfits and items for a limited period of time. 

Messi will be arriving in PUBG Mobile in November, and if we talk about the exact dates, we can expect him to be available on 20th November because the Football World Cup 2022 also begins on this day. 

Update: This article was last checked on 11th November for the  latest information.

As per the latest announcement by Krafton, he is all set to captain Global Chicken Cup, an in-game event coming to the game.

The event will feature Football-themed gameplay, and while announcing the Global Chicken Cup, Messi asks PUBG Mobile fans to gear up and join him in the new update.

In addition to this, a Football Carnival-themed area will also be released as a part of the collaboration featuring Middle Eastern architecture, abundant resources, and unique gear. You can also use Zorb Football Vehicle to travel quickly in the carnival. Apart from this, Football Arenas will appear in some areas and will be marked on the map.

You can head to an Arena and score goals with Wonder Footballs to get supplies. Players who score a goal in all Arenas within an area will receive a unique Easter-egg reward. 

Talking about the partnership with PUBG Mobile and video games, Messi stated, "Video games have always been a huge part of my life. I find them incredibly helpful to relax and enjoy myself when I'm not training, and to connect with my teammates, friends, and family. PUBG MOBILE is so much fun, and I am personally amongst its millions of fans all over the world. I am proud of what we've been working on and want to invite all players to join me in PUBG MOBILE."

In addition to this, Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing, Tencent Games, said, "Knowing that many of PUBG MOBILE players are big football enthusiasts as it is, we can't wait to champion the sport in-game, as well as spread its joy to new fans."

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Featured image courtesy of Krafton.