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Twitch Streamer MissMikkaa Beats God of War On A Dance Pad

Twitch streamer, "MissMikkaa" has done the unthinkable after defeating the hardest boss in God of War, only using a dance pad.
Twitch Streamer MissMikkaa Beats God of War On A Dance Pad

Twitch streamer "MissMikkaa" has done the unbelievable once again after beating God of War on a dance pad while cosplaying the iconic character, Kratos, the entire run.

The streamer took 55 hours to complete the game and 216 attempts to defeat one of the hardest bosses, which most people usually struggle tremendously with playing with a mouse and keyboard. That boss was none other than Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen.

twitch streamer missmikkaa defeated god of war hardest boss cosplay kratos
Twitch streamer MissMikkaa defeated God of War's hardest boss, Sigrun, the Valkyrie Queen, while cosplaying as Kratos. (Picture: Twitter via MissMikkaa)

On 6th November 2022, after weeks of playing through God of War, MissMikkaa triumphed and concluded their run after spending twelve hours standing and using a dance pad to beat the last boss in the game during their Livestream. The streamer faced one of the most challenging video game bosses, and definitely in God of War.

According to MissMikkaa, the difficulty in defeating the boss was similar to beating another boss in Elden Rings called Malenia. The streamer said that Sigrun was much harder to defeat because it was a much more fast-paced battle. That said, after multiple attempts and hours of standing and dancing on a pad, MissMikkaa finally triumphed and took down Sigrun. Talk about being legendary.

It seems MissMikkaa is now ready for God of War Ragnarök, especially after defeating one of the most difficult games in the world on a dance pad. That said, this monumental gaming achievement is not the first the streamer's accomplished.

On 9th September 2022, the streamer beat one of the hardest Elden Ring bosses with the same dance pad, all in one streaming session. It took MissMikkaa "eighty-four tries and six hours" to achieve the feat.  But that wasn't the only challenge the streamer overcame.  Before defeating Malenia using a dance pad, The Twitch content creator also beat all Elden Ring Remembrances bosses at Level 1 using only one hand.

Now, the only worth foe that remains in MissMikkaa's path is God of War Ragnarök. The streamer said that they're ready to tackle the newly-released AAA title. For more entertainment and to watch MissMikkaa defeat God of War Ragnarök, feel free to watch their streams on Twitch.

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Featured image courtesy of Santa Monica Studios and Twitter via MissMikka.