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R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4

The High Calibre season has just arrived in Rainbow Six Siege and if you want to be ready to hold your ground, we have the list of the top 5 best defenders in Y6S4.
R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4

The Y6S4 update for Rainbow Six Siege is now live and with it a slew of new content for players to explore during the High Calibre season.

Starting with the new operator, Thorn (she comes with a new SMG as her primary weapon), a rework of the Outback map, changes in some gameplay mechanics, and several balance changes for a few operators. 

Those balance changes will be quite important here, as several defenders which we have on our list have received significant buffs, primarily in recoil reduction, which will allow for more control and freedom in ways how you defend key positions and chokepoints.

While there are not as many direct operator changes, a lot has changed in terms of how the game works, which indirectly leads to shifts in the meta.

With all that in mind, let's dive deep into what we think are the top five best defenders for R6 Siege High Calibre.

Best defenders in R6 Siege High Calibre

Before we jump to our list, keep in mind that R6 Siege is a complex tactical shooter with elements of a hero shooter, with countless operators all with their own unique abilities and setups.

There is no formula to calculate what are the best defenders or attackers, much of it depends on your playstyle, map, team composition, and micro-changes in the meta (in terms of what counters what).

With that being said, let's take a look at our list.


R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4
Thorn is here and she is ready to enter with a boom! (Picture: Ubisoft)

The new operator's unique gadget, Razorbloom Shell, will be a real pain for attackers to deal with. It's barely visible and it triggers when it detects a movement nearby, leaving the attacker with a small window of time to either run or to try to destroy it, otherwise, the attacker faces being blown apart.

Combine this with the Barbed Wire, and you have the ultimate zone-control king.


R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4
The operator from Düsseldörf received a few strong buffs this season. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Jäger is among those operators whose weapons got buffed with the Y6S4 update. To be more precise, the vertical recoil on his primary weapon - the 416-C Carbine - has been significantly reduced, making it much easier to operate.

This is especially good news if you are a console player. In addition, his Bulletproof Camera is now not static, rather you can move it in a ~120° cone and surveil the area for precious intel. And on top of that, you can now use it to fire EMP bursts that disable opponent devices. Will this in mind  - Jäger is really a no-brainer for this season.


R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4
You don't have an alibi not to play Alibi in the High Calibre season. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Just like Jäger, Alibi has received a buff on her primary weapon, the MX4 Storm SMG. It now has a reduced vertical recoil, which will allow for a more "spray and pray" approach in tight situations. 

Her unique ability, Prisma, is a devious tool of deception, even if it doesn't trick attackers into believing it's you, it will still obtain you valuable info if anyone touches it, shot at it, or interacts with it in any other way. Put them in strategic places (windows, doors, tight corridors...) and attackers will be forced to shoot them or touch them.

In a game where even a slight hint of confusion can be deadly, Alibi's Prisma can easily steal a few free rounds.


R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4
The Kóna Station is insanely good. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Next on the list is Thunderbird. The former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force is a force to be reckoned with. If utilised properly,  her Kóna Station can almost work as a cheat code for your team.

Thunderbird enters the game equipped with three Kóna Stations, which you can quickly scatter across the map and activate them whenever your team needs healing or revived.

This can be easily done due to the fact that she has 3 Speed, allowing you to roam and rotate quickly around the map. In our opinion, she is one of the best support/healer operators in the game, and she definitely deserves more attention than she currently receives.


R6 Siege High Calibre - best Defenders in Y6S4
Maestro offers a slew of great utility tools. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Finally, the last operator on our top five defenders list is the king of utility - Maestro.

His primary weapon is the ALDA 5.56 light-machine gun which comes with a whopping 80-bullet mag capacity, allowing you to melt anyone who dares enter the area you are defending. In R6 Siege, reloading often means death, and with Maestro you don't have to worry about that.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, as his real strength comes in his bag full of utilities. Set up your Barbed Wire and watch opponents get tangled up while you are raining bullets in their direction.

And then, there is the Evil Eye - two of them at your disposal. These powerful turrets will not only toast your enemies with deadly laser beams but acts as cameras that can survey areas in front of them and gather info for you and your team. It can even see through the smoke!

And there you have it, these are the best defenders to pick in Y6S4 High Calibre. Honourable mention goes to Smoke, who is always a great pick, but for this season you will not make a mistake if you pick any of the operators above. Just make sure that you are comfortable playing with them and that you understand how to play them before jumping into ranked play.


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.