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Red Dead Online Christmas Event 2022: Start Date, Bonuses, Special Modes, More

Here's the scoop on Red Dead Online's 2022 Christmas Event, including its start date, all special modes, and all bonuses.
Red Dead Online Christmas Event 2022: Start Date, Bonuses, Special Modes, More

Red Dead Online celebrates the holidays on the frontier every year, offering players various bonuses, sales, and other rewards. Players can team up with their gang to ride in the snow and complete special Call of Arms missions. 

Here is all that’s in store for the Red Dead Online winter event in 2022, including bonuses and the potential start and end date of the festivities.

Update on 11 December 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Red Dead Online Christmas' news.

Latest News

29 November - Rockstar Confirms Red Dead Online Christmas Bonuses 

There's a lot to cover, so you might be better off looking at our page covering all of the December 2022 updates for Red Dead Online.


"Soon the hills and valleys of the five states will be covered in snow — first arriving in a light fall mid-month, and then later a heavy flurry. Bounty Hunters out braving the cold to enforce justice are being rewarded, while the chill also brings with it the warmth of holiday spirit. Both Legendary and Infamous Bounty Missions are paying out 3X RDO$XP, and Gold, dead or alive. Dogged Bounty Hunters who complete 3 different Legendary Bounties during any week in December will also receive a red colorway of the Folwell Hat."


23 November - Good News for Red Dead Online fans?

Here's a positive development. Despite the obvious lack of updates to the game, Rockstar Games appear to still be celebrating festive events, such as the current Thanksgiving event going on right now.

With any luck, Rockstar will once again look to hold a Christmas event in 2022.

Red Dead Online Christmas 2022 Event Bonuses & Events

While Rockstar hasn’t announced any official information about this year’s event, we can infer a few things will take place.

Every year, snow covers the frontier in Red Dead Online during the holiday season, creating a beautiful winter wonderland for players to explore.

Rockstar has also implemented numerous bonuses and special event modes for players. In 2021, Rockstar introduced a new seasonal Call to Arms map. In 2019, players could participate in holiday-themed versions of Gun Rush, Make It Count, and Last Stand.

In previous years, there have also been a variety of freebies available at the shops to celebrate the giving spirit.

In 2022, we can expect a return of the snow, some special game modes - perhaps another new Call to Arms - and freebies and bonuses galore. 

red dead redemption online winter event
As the weather cools off, the events are heating up in Red Dead Online. (Picture: Rockstar)

Christmas Event Start & End Dates

While no official start date has been announced for this year’s Red Dead Online Christmas event, we can look at previous years’ events to get an idea of when this year’s festivities might start.

  • 2021 Holiday Event - 14th December to 5th January 2022
  • 2020 Holiday Event - 22nd December to 4th January
  • 2019 Holiday Event - 20th December to 4th January

Red Dead Online’s Christmas events usually begin right before Christmas and last until the 4th or 5th of January. Players can expect this year’s event to begin sometime around the 20th of December and end early January. 

red dead online christmas winter event start date
The festivities will begin in December. (Picture: Rockstar)

Red Dead Online Christmas Sales & Discounts

Players can complete any Moonshine or Trader sales over the holiday season for 2x RDO$ if they can keep their wagons on the straight and narrow.

Further, Red Dead Online players can take advantage of multiple discounts during the Christmas 2022 event. This includes taking 5 Gold Bars off Bolas and Bounty Hunter Licences.

Further, there is 30% off on Bounty Hunter Wagon and 40% on Established, Promising, and Novice Bounty Hunter items.

Red Dead Online christmas 2022 event bonuses special modes events discounts sales free items start date end
There will be multiple sales and discounts during the Red Dead Online Christmas 2022 event. (Picture: Rockstar)

Free Red Dead Online Christmas Item - Winter Shotgun Coat

Those who log in during the Red Dead Online Christmas 2022 event will receive a free item, likely the Winter Shotgun Goat.

Allow for up to 72 hours for your Rewards and Offers to arrive.

And that’s all we currently know about the Red Dead Online Christmas event for 2022. Keep an eye out for more information as the holidays get closer and Rockstar announces more about the event. 

Red dead online christmas event dates end start bonuses special events
Get a free item when you log in during Red Dead Online's Christmas event for 2022. (Picture: Rockstar)

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Featured image courtesy of Rockstar.