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How to acquire the Hired Gun Kit in Red Dead Online

A new set of rewards are available to players in Red Dead Online. Here's how to get the Hired Gun Kit.
How to acquire the Hired Gun Kit in Red Dead Online

The release of the Blood Money update in Red Dead Online introduced a slew of new content for players to experience.

From the various Blood Money Missions to interacting with new NPCs, there’s not a dull moment throughout the instalment. 

However, at the centre of all of the action is Red Dead’s newest currency, Capitale. This form of money is highly sought after in the expansion and players’ main goal throughout their time with Blood Money is to earn more of it. There are a few ways to do this, which we previously covered.

For players that have experienced enough of Blood Money, though, they might’ve noticed that Capitale can’t buy everything in the game. In fact, there are a few items introduced in the update that still require the game’s base form of money, gold bars. The main item fans are talking about is the Hired Gun Kit, which can make your time in the wild west much easier. 

You can keep reading below to find out what the kit is and where to buy it. 

Finding and buying the Hired Gun Kit in Red Dead Online

How to acquire the Hired Gun Kit in Red Dead Online
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The Hired Gun Kit is a bundle of rewards that are sold by the game’s various fences. Fences are found all throughout the map and are marked on your map once you discover their location. 

With the Blood Money update, fences now sell some new items, one of them being the Hired Gun Kit. It’s sold for five gold bars and contains several rewards for players that decide to dole out the cash for it. 

Among the rewards is 10 notes of Capitale, a sack of ammo, gun oil, consumables and a bandana for when you commit crimes. This is an easy way for players to earn some Capitale without really having to work for it through Blood Money Missions. Although, it will cost five gold bars, which are usually tougher to accumulate than Capitale. 

Once players have purchased the Hired Gun Kit, it will be waiting for them in their lockbox. This is accessible through a post office or your camp in Red Dead Online.