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Redfall Remi Build: Best Skills, Abilities, and More

Here's how to craft the best build for Remi in Redfall.
Redfall Remi Build: Best Skills, Abilities, and More

Remi is one of the four playable characters in Redfall. Unlike Lyla and Devinder, she's more of a support character with healing abilities. 

Thankfully, Remi makes up for the lack of offensive abilities by having a charming robot companion who's a big help in combat. Below you can find our best build Remi guide in Redfall, which briefly explains all her abilities, the best skills you should unlock first, and more. 

All Remi's Abilities Explained in Redfall

Remi is more of a support character with healing abilities. (Picture: Shreyansh / Arkane)

Before we get into the best skills that suit Remi, here's an overview of all her abilities. 

  • Power 1 - Siren: Order Bribón (robot companion) to distract enemies.
  • Power 2 - C4 Charge: Throws a C4 charge for explosive damage.
  • ULT - Mobilize: Summons a healing circle that heals her and her allies.

Remi's best early skills to unlock in Redfall

  • Self-repair: Bribón continuously heals during Siren.
  • Quick Assembly: C4 Charge recharges faster.
  • On Your Feet: Mobilize restores more health in its initial pulse. 
  • Shot in the Arm 1: When you revive a teammate, they have more health.

Bribón is your +1 in Redfall, and sadly it goes down very quickly. Hence, Self-Repair should be your first priority since it lets Bribón heal itself when the Siren skill is active. 

The recharge rate of every ability of every character in Redfall is shockingly slow, which is why you should unlock the Quick Assembly skill as soon as possible, as it's Remi's only offensive ability. 

Since Remi is a support character, you will probably end up playing with a friend. If so, it's best to unlock the On Your Feet and Shot in the Arm 1 abilities, as they would allow you and your teammate to have more health during tense encounters. 

Remi's Best Late-Game Skills to Unlock in Redfall

remi abilities
Remi can use her robot companion to distract and electrocute enemies. (Picture: Shreyansh / Arkane)
  • Always Prepared: Remi can carry more Medical Supplies.
  • Electrostatic Feedback: Enemies who hit Bribón during Siren take electrical damage.
  • Reinforced Components: Bribón has additional health.
  • Perseverance: You and allies healed by Mobilize’s initial pulse take less damage from all sources for a brief time.
  • Robot Rock: Bribón now shocks nearby enemies during Siren and regains more health.
  • Beacon of Hope: Enemies in the Mobilize area now take damage over time. Mobilize radius, duration, and healing amount are improved. Perseverance damage reduction, Resonance radius and healing, and Constant Inspiration healing over time are all improved.

Halfway through the story, you will start to encounter military guys who deal a ton of damage as well as hordes of vampires that can kill you in a heartbeat. As such, if you're playing solo as Remi, you will have to be extra careful. 

Since Bribón is your only extra, it's best to unlock the Electrostatic Feedback and Reinforced Components skill as soon as possible. The former electrocutes enemies who hit Bribón when Siren is active, and the latter gives it additional health. Both these skills will allow Bribón to survive longer on the battlefield, which is a win in my book. Additionally, I would recommend unlocking the Robot Rock skill, which allows Bribón to consistently shock enemies during Siren and regain health in the process. 

Tougher enemy encounters mean your health will replenish quickly, and you will need more medical supplies to keep yourself afloat. As such, it's best to invest in the Always Prepared skill, which lets you carry additional Medkits. You will especially need it when facing groups of vampires in Vampire Nests and late-game bosses. 

Remi's ultimate ability Mobilize will become more important as you drift toward end-game content. Aside from fighting vampire underbosses that usually have a ton of health, there are also at least two bosses that spawn with a ton of health.

If you're playing co-op, it's best to unlock Perseverance and Beacon of Hope before tackling any late-game encounters. Perseverance allows you and your allies to take less damage while Mobilize is active, whereas Beacon of Hope increases the damage done to enemies in the Mobilize area. Additionally, it increases the radius, duration, and healing of the skill. 

Unlocking these skills should let you create the best Remi build in Redfall.