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Resident Evil Village
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Resident Evil 8 Village: How to get Cannibal’s Plunder treasure

Want to know how to access the location of Cannibal’s Plunder treasure in Resident Evil 8 Village? This guide will help you understand how to get to Otto's Mill and get Cannibal’s Plunder treasure.

In Resident Evil 8 Village there are several treasure chests scattered around the village and its surroundings.

The Duke, the game's merchant, will mark their locations on the map and give you a task to find them all and bring those mysterious items to him, for which he will reward you with a lot of Lei.

Some of them are easy to find, while others, like the Riverbank Treasure House and Maestro's Collection treasure, can be quite tricky.

And for some, it is only a matter of the right timing, like with Cannibal’s Plunder treasure, located in Otto's Mill. Here's how to find it.

How to access Cannibal's Plunder treasure in Resident Evil Village

how to get Cannibal's Plunder Resident Evil 8 Village
(Picture: Capcom)

The location of Cannibal's Plunder will become reachable once you finish with the Moreau plotline. Keep in mind that you won't be able to reach it until you finish with this quest first, so don't waste your time before that.

Head towards the Stronghold, but instead of continuing along a path surrounded by torches and bones, turn left across the stream, where a demolished bridge once was.

From there just follow the stone steps to the gate, and then break the lock to enter. You will see a pig there which you can kill for some meat, and make sure to pick up all the loot in the yard as well.

When you are done in the front yard, enter the mill and just go through the hallway until you enter the main room.

how to get Cannibal's Plunder Resident Evil 8 Village
(Picture: Capcom)

There you will encounter a huge zombie that might as well be Otto himself, but who knows. He shouldn't be too hard to deal with, just kite him until you kill him and make sure to grab the Giant Crystal Axe once the giant is dead, as the merchant will give you 30000 Lei for it.

how to get Cannibal's Plunder Resident Evil 8 Village
(Picture: Capcom)

It will take you some time to defeat this boss, but once you are done with him, just head towards the red door, shoot at the three padlocks on the door to open them and enter inside.

Right behind the red door make sure to take all the meat and other loot and then continue to the next room where you will find a chest with Father Nichola’s Angel, which is the Cannibal's Plunder treasure we were looking for.

how to get Cannibal's Plunder Resident Evil 8 Village
(Picture: Capcom)

And there you have it, you got the reward you came for. Now that you have it, the only thing you can do with it is to sell it to the merchant, so head back to him and collect your reward.

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