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RE: Village - How to unlock Lightsaber (LZ Answerer)

Capcom's spooky first-person horror game hides fun and OP secrets for completionists.
RE: Village - How to unlock Lightsaber (LZ Answerer)

Resident Evil Village has been out for a few days now, with players looking through every nook and cranny to find every secret and easter egg that could potentially hint at the future of the franchise or simply a fun wacky weapon that could break the game -- like the LZ Answerer.

This Star Wars-inspired looking lightsaber is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone remotely fond of the franchise and Resident Evil. 

The weapon itself, which is eerily similar to Darth Maul's dual lightsaber, can even be customized with some iconic Lightsaber colors, like red, blue, and green.

Here's how to unlock it in Resident Evil Village.

RE Village - How to get LZ Answerer Lightsaber

lz answerer re village
(Picture: Capcom)

If you wanted to use the LZ Answerer during your first playthrough, we regret to inform you that can't be the case, as this weapon is only available after players unlock The Mercenaries mode, which requires you to complete the game one time.

Once you complete the campaign, you'll unlock the Extra Content Shop, this is where you'll find The Mercenaries, you can purchase it for 100 Challenge Points, which is super cheap as the game rewards you with plenty of CP throughout the story.

To unlock the LZ Answerer you must finish every course with an SS rank. Once you do this, the gun will appear on the Extra Content Shop.

There you have it! It's quite the task, but if you're a fan of Star Wars and Resident Evil, this is a must-get. For more on RE Village, check out how to find the Juicy Game