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Everything In Royale High Halloween Event 2023: Royalloween Eveningfall

Looking forward to the new Royale High Halloween 2023 update? Here's everything to expect during Royalloween!
Everything In Royale High Halloween Event 2023: Royalloween Eveningfall

When the air becomes crisp and leaves take on a golden hue, seasoned Royale High players know the spellbinding Royalloween update is upon us. A tradition since 2017, this event has evolved into a highly anticipated spectacle, captivating players with its mix of nostalgia and innovation.

As you prepare to delve into the enchantments of the Eveningfall season, this guide promises to be your trusted companion. Join us as we unveil the magic, mystery, and updates awaiting you at the Royale High 2023 Halloween event. Embrace the magic; let the adventure begin!

Updated on 1 October: This event should release anytime between 1-15 October. Check out these leaks!


What Is Royalloween In Royale High Roblox?

royale high royalloween 2023 halloween event

The Royale High Halloween event, affectionately termed "Royalloween," started in 2017 when the game was known as "Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School." In this initial event, players would spawn into a lobby with various portals, including one leading to the Halloween Realm (also known as the Old Autumn town), with activities like apple bobbing, pumpkin contests, and a maze.

In 2018, the event was revamped and set in a new realm, Earth, which became the main game lobby. Upon joining, players encountered a spooky scene featuring their username on a tombstone. This update introduced new accessories, a candy exchange system, the 2018 Halloween Halo in Royale High, and the Town Spinwheel.

2019 saw the return of Autumn Town with a complete makeover. Players had to visit multiple clothing stores hunting for candies. The event also added a new Halo, accessories, and gameplay but notably removed the Candy Converter.

2020 largely replicated the 2019 event but introduced a slightly altered maze, new chest rewards, and a revised item set. However, 2021 broke the pattern with the event set in a new realm, Wickery Cliffs, rolled out in two parts. The first part unveiled a new candy shop and activities, while the second part presented Blackwood Manor and ghost hunting. The Candy Converter made a comeback with Gemma, its new NPC owner. Notably, Autumn Town was absent.

In 2022, Wickery Cliffs returned with new additions to the candy shop, a fresh item set, and other enhancements. Every Royalloween event in Royale High awards players a badge and, from 2018 onwards, introduces a new Halo, highlighting the game's continuous evolution. While Royale High has seen considerable advancement, the nostalgia of its early days remains cherished by many.

Royale High Halloween 2023: Everything In Royalloween Update

royale high generic

Now that you know about the history of the Royale High Halloween event, you're probably eager to learn about all the new exciting activities coming with the 2023 Royalloween update.

New Royale High Halloween Eveningfall Halo

This one should hardly be a surprise. Hold onto your witch hats because a brand-new Royale High Halloween Halo is coming! The exciting part? The stories shaping this Halo's lore are now being decided from various submissions. We've seen the Tidalglow Summer Halo grace our fountains this season, but as we step into the Eveningfall season, anticipate the introduction of a refreshing Halo very soon!

Roblox Catalog Clothing

Submissions for Roblox catalog clothing will conclude on September 25th. However, don't expect the update immediately. The Royale High developers need a few days post-submission deadlines to curate the best entries. Once approved, everyone can don the free 2D outfits in Royale High.

When new Roblox clothing hits the scene, it accompanies new faces and hair colors. Typically, only those in the Artist Program get to submit these, but the whole community benefits. We'll also be treated to new patterns to jazz up our look!

royale high generic 4

Candy Accessories

The Royale High shop already hints at candy accessories' availability in October. A recent leak showcased a delightful Skull Shoulder Bag (it costs 5000 candy), which you can only procure using candy. Though the purse has vanished from the shop, its sneak peek suggests new candy-based accessories.

Candy Farming

The appearance of candy accessories essentially guarantees a candy farming mechanism. How we'll farm these candies remains to be seen, whether it's through Wickery Cliffs, the new school, or another method.


Expect the Royale High school's ambiance to be transformed with Eveningfall aesthetics. The front office will sport a "Happy Eveningfall" sign. The hall leading to the headmistress's office will be adorned with thematic decorations, and certain outdoor areas, perhaps near the counselor's office, will also embrace the Halloween spirit.

royale high

Whimsy Witch Sleeves

While not confirmed, there's chatter about the possible return of the Whimsy Witch sleeves. Although the creator mentioned this possibility a year ago, we can keep our fingers crossed!

Eveningfall Dorm Furniture

Liven up your dorm with Halloween-themed furniture. It remains uncertain whether these items will be available via diamonds or candy.

In conclusion, the Royale High 2023 Halloween update promises an array of delightful additions and modifications. Prepare to immerse yourself in the festive spirit of the Eveningfall season! Stay tuned, and don't forget to keep a close eye on updates. We want to thank the YouTubers LandG Games and Will for sharing their knowledge about the Halloween update in the game.