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TYPE SOUL Essence Tier List

What is the best Essence in TYPE SOUL? Find the answer by checking out our tier list!
TYPE SOUL Essence Tier List
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What is the best Essence in TYPE SOUL? That's a great question—and one that frequently stirs debates among many players. And why wouldn't it? These moves are incredibly difficult to obtain and pivotal to high-level combat in the game.

This guide will rank all the Essences from best to worst. That way, you won't be left in the dark about which you should use for Elite grips. Whether you're new to the game or a veteran player, this TYPE SOUL Essence tier list will reshape your battle strategy!

What Is The Best Essence In TYPE SOUL?

It's safe to say that all Essence in TYPE SOUL are OP—there are no bad Essence. And this makes complete sense! These moves vary in power, allowing you to have faster attacks, link yourself to an enemy player, heal during fights, make your attack pierce armor, and more!

Right now, the best Essence in TYPE SOUL is Territorial Mark. This move lets you link yourself to another enemy player, forcing them to engage with you in 1-on-1 combat. While this Essence might not seem OP, it is—any damage you incur from any other player is ignored, basically making you invulnerable!

TYPE SOUL Essence Tier List

Tier Essence
S-Tier (excellent) Territorial Mark, Unseen Blade, Horizon, Bala Fireworks
A-Tier (good) Partial, Blitz
B-Tier (average) Fusion

Note: Please note that this TYPE SOUL Essences tier list represents the author's opinion. These rankings may differ based on your personal play style, skill level, and preference.

How To Get Essences In TYPE SOUL

You can get Essences from the NPC Bong Bong in TYPE SOUL. This non-playable character is inside one of the red barns in Karakura Town. At this NPC, you can exchange Legendary items for Mythical items, including a chance to get Essences as a reward. 

In order to use Essences in TYPE SOUL, you must satisfy specific path requirements, which are different for each Essence type. Below is a brief breakdown.

Essences Requirements

  • Territorial Mark: 40 Hakuda
  • Unseen Blade: 40 Speed
  • Horizon: 40 Kido
  • Bala Fireworks: 40 Kid (only available to Arrancars)
  • Partial: None (only available to Arrancars)
  • Blitz: 40 Hakuda
  • Fusion: 40 Healing (only available to Arrancars)

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