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How To Get Shikai In TYPE SOUL

Learn how to unlock your Shikai in TYPE SOUL with ease! Follow our detailed guide to level up, meditate, and defeat the Shikai boss.
How To Get Shikai In TYPE SOUL
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Want to know how to unlock Shikai in TYPE SOUL? If so, immerse yourself in this popular Roblox anime game that brings the combat of the manga Bleach to life. In case you don't know, Shikai is the first form of Zanpakuto, a powerful and personal weapon that can give you an edge in battle.

But unlocking Shikai isn't for just anyone - you have to be a Soul Reaper. It's a journey, a sign of your progression, a token of your commitment to the path of the Shinigami. So, get ready to embark on this adventure and unlock this ability! Here's how to get Shikai in TYPE SOUL.

How To Unlock Shikai In TYPE SOUL Roblox


In TYPE SOUL, your ability to unlock Shikai is tied to your grade within the game. That being said, you need to be at least at Grade 2 to start the process. But how do you get there? Easy! Focus on completing the mission boards and fulfilling vision duties as directed by the game.

These tasks will not only engross you in the TYPE SOUL storyline, but they will also increase your grade. As you complete these missions, you'll gradually climb the ranks and achieve Grade 2, bringing you one step closer to unlocking your Shikai in TYPE SOUL.

Meditate for 1 Hour

After reaching Grade 2, it's time for some in-game meditation. Meditating in TYPE SOUL isn't as simple as sitting and waiting, however. You're required to meditate for a total of 60 minutes, but this time is broken into three 20-minute stages.

Throughout each stage, your screen will show changes, signaling the progress of your meditation. It's an intriguing aspect of the game that adds an extra layer of immersion.


Defeat the Shikai Boss

Having completed your meditation, you're ready to face the Shikai boss. To initiate this face-off, you need to press 'M' on your keyboard. This action will teleport you to a new location within the game, where you will come face-to-face with the Shikai boss in TYPE SOUL.

This room is where your fight for Shikai begins. Interact with the boss to initiate the fight - when you do this, four dialogues should be presented. Just before you click on the final dialogue, you have the opportunity to initiate a free combo. This can cause a significant amount of damage to the boss right from the start of the battle.

How To Beat Shikai Boss In TYPE SOUL Roblox


In the ensuing fight, use your heavy attack (R) and one or two M1 attacks before backing away. This sequence is key to gradually draining the boss's health without sustaining too much damage yourself.

Don't forget to block the boss's skills effectively and avoid getting caught in a combo. The TYPE SOUL Shikai boss fight can be tricky, but the right strategy and some practice can help you succeed. After you've defeated the boss, you'll unlock your Shikai—Press 'J' on your keyboard to activate it.

All Shikai Types

These are all the different types of Shikai you can unlock. For more details, check out our Shikai tier list in TYPE SOUL!

  • Berserk
  • Blood
  • Confusion
  • Creation
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Ink
  • Lightning
  • Shadow
  • Water
  • Wind

There you have it! Now you can experiment with your new Shikai ability in TYPE SOUL and explore its unique skill set. Each Shikai has its own unique moves and strengths, so take some time to get familiar with yours.

We want to thank and credit the YouTuber BuilderboyTV for their detailed guide on how to get Shikai fast in TYPE SOUL. This process is an exciting challenge that rewards you with powerful new abilities. Feel free to watch the video embedded below for a visual walkthrough.

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