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Rocket League
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7 things you missed from the Rocket League Sideswipe trailer

The 42-second trailer released on 24th March has a lot more information than people think at first glance.

Psyonix has surprised their fanbase with the announcement of Rocket League Sideswipe, a mobile game version of the original console and PC title, Rocket League.

The announcement was made through their official social media accounts with an embedded article plus a 42-second alpha footage video.

While the trailer itself looks gorgeous, the information provided was limited. 

However, there are many things not talked about enough; answers provided within the 42 seconds of gameplay.

So without further ado, here are eight things you might’ve missed in the Rocket League Sideswipe trailer.

1. No boost pads on the field

First things first -- while the trailer includes plenty of high-flying shots, saves and even Musty flicks, there isn’t a single boost pad on the pitch.

Maybe this unlimited boost gameplay was implemented due to the linear arcade-style fixed camera or plainly based on the size of your average phone screen.

rocket league sideswipe boost(Picture: Psyonix)

These two reasons will become a recurring theme throughout the many changes we noticed in the trailer.

2. Goals on walls

Another notable change, most likely due to the flow of the two-dimensional playstyle, is the positioning of the nets.

Each goal will now be embedded into the middle of the wall vertically instead of the horizontal bottom-of-the-wall standard placement.

Just like something out of Treyven "Lethamyr" Robitaille’s videos, it definitely is something we look forward to playing.

rocket league sideswipe goal posts net(Picture: Psyonix)

Also, the inside of the goal looks accessible from the trailer gameplay meaning that Squishy saves might remain one of the METAs come release day.

The vertical elevated wall nets plus the arcade gameplay equals fun, right? Right?

3. Over-the-top motion animations

With the transition from TVs and PC monitors to cell phone-sized screens, we understand and even are fond of this change.

Altering the animations by a tad, making them shiny and big whilst helping the actual movements look stronger on a smaller screen will assist the user in following the action with more ease.

rocket league sideswipe save(Picture: Psyonix)

rocket league sideswipe jump animation(Picture: Psyonix)

Besides, it’s not like the aesthetic changes are the hill to die on -- wind-like battle-car physics and purple-coloured thunderous saves adds impact and excitement to the already fluid game of Rocket League.

4. Quick chat emotes

One of the most beloved and, at the same time, hated features in the original game are quick chats and they are coming back of emotes --  because there is no Rocket League without them.

Quick chats are taking the bubbles of text with different colours, shapes and sizes that, by the looks of it, will appear on top of your battle-car when prompted.

rocket league sideswipe quick chats what a save nice shot great pass(Picture: Psyonix)

This specific part of the trailer is where we wondered about the controllers for Rocket League Sideswipe.

In a game like the original Rocket League, where a mouse and keyboard aren't enough and the controller could use an extra paddle or two to make amends for the missing buttons, how in the hell are we fitting some if not all the mechanical genius behind the game into a phone?

Especially with your fingers tapping on the touch screen whilst covering it and cell phones having fewer buttons to press by the year, we are excited/afraid of how this button binding will work out.

5. Cross-platform trading?

The moment items like Exotic Butterflies and Black Market Dueling Dragons goal explosions made an appearance, we couldn’t help but wonder about the trading economy.

In the trailer, an inventory filled with items from common to imports alike gives off the impression that we will be seeing a drop system in place -- or at least an Item Shop of sorts to create revenue for the free-to-play app game.

rocket league sideswipe dueling dragons(Picture: Psyonix)

But what about trading? If the Epic Games trend keeps up, we will be seeing a way to connect your main Rocket League account, that being XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Steam to the Rocket League Sideswipe app creating a shared inventory.

Whilst trading might be far-fetched for a game that hasn’t even hit beta yet, we would love to see version-exclusive content to get the ball rolling, figuratively speaking.

6. Rocket League Sideswipe Rocket Pass

When the trailer digs deeper in the garage’s presets menu, we catch a small glimpse of a chess-patterned wheel, a Limited Sk8er wheel to be exact.

This wheel was part of the free-to-play Season 1 Rocket Pass that ran from September to December of 2020.

rocket league sideswipe battle rocket pass(Picture: Psyonix)

This ultimately leads us to believe one of two things. Either, A, the shared inventory through Epic Games will become a reality or, B, future Rocket League Sideswipe-exclusive Rocket Passes will become available bringing back fan-favourites with each new release.

Whichever one ends up being true, we are all in for it. The more inventory, the merrier, they say.

7. Fennec, my old friend

Last but not least is our good old pal, the Octane-hitbox star car, Fennec. This body was introduced back during the Radical Summer event of 2019 and the Rocket League fans have not been able to take their eyes off of it.

Adding professional esports teams decals for the Fennec back in February of this year, the hype train isn’t slowing anytime soon.

rocket league sideswipe fennec(Picture: Psyonix)

And its cameo in the trailer can only mean we will get the high commodity Import body one way or another, whether it’s through an item shop, shared inventory or trading community.

While patience is a virtue, we are just too pumped to learn more about Psyonix’s new baby. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more information rolls out on Rocket League’s mobile instalment, Sideswipe.