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Rocket League
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Charlotte Phoenix parts ways with roster, interest in Jamal Jabary

Charlotte Phoenix parts ways with Rocket League roster in rumoured hopes of signing independent heavyweights, Jamal Jabary.

American organisation Charlotte Phoenix announced on 12th February that they will be parting ways with their Rocket League roster effective immediately. 

The North Carolina team is not to make an appearance until after the RLCS X NA Winter Major scheduled for 27th and 28th February and the Spring Split officially starts.

The roster was composed of Jaime “Karma” Bickford, Daniel "Shadow" Manso, Alex "AlRaz" Raczynski and coach Jim "Jimmer" Jordan.

The move is rumoured to be a part of another squad being signed to Charlotte Phoenix as ShiftRLE reported they are interested in acquiring Jamal Jabary’s roster.

rocket league rlcs karma(Image: Charlotte Phoenix)

Charlotte Phoenix had a poor couple of showings since the start of the revamped RLCS X with their best placements having come in the shape of Tops 12, 24 and 28 in three different regional events.

Joining the professional Rocket League scene in October 2019 and having won ,410 so far in earnings, Charlotte Phoenix might’ve cleaned house in order to make space for Jamal Jabary’s squad, composed of Eli "Toastie" Nichols, Logan "Lj." Wilt, Trentin "Kraziks" Wade, substitute Noah "desi" and coach Kais "Sadjunior" Zehri.

Jamal Jabary currently sits in 14th place in the North American RLCS X leaderboards with 570 points having placed Top 6 in the latest North American regional event, RLCS X Games.

Former Charlotte Phoenix members Shadow and AlRaz have formed a new squad alongside previously Pittsburgh Knights member, Sukhpartik "kinseh" Kahlon to reform independent team, Stromboli.

Stromboli was AlRaz’s previous team that disbanded before he joined Charlotte Phoenix. Karma and Jimmer have yet to find a place after parting ways with the org.

With Jamal Jabary still waiting for the word from Charlotte and Stromboli making an improbable comeback, make sure to catch the beginning of the RLCS X Spring Split come March 2021.