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Rocket League
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Gareth Bale’s Ellevens Esports go unbeaten to win South American RLCS

Gareth Bale's Ellevens Esports took home the Rocket Street’s Grand Series Regional Final to cap an unbeaten season.
The third season of Rocket Street’s Grand Series - South America’s entryway into the RLCS - concluded last night with a thrilling grand final, as Avidity Esports were taken down by the newly-signed Ellevens Esports.

After an exciting season of South American action, the former Lowkey Esports side - who had been playing under the name of Novus Aevi whilst searching for a new home - beat their Brazillian rivals twice on the day as they took home the title of Regional Champion along with $24,000 - a prize pool boosted after the cancellation of the World Championship LAN that usually caps the end of the RLCS season. 



The win also marked the first time in South America’s history where a team has completed a season without losing a single series as they took nine matches in a row to win it all.

Ellevens needed just two wins on the day to secure the Regional Championship after entering the tournament as the top seed. Their first match was against Avidity, who had just taken down the reigning Regional Champions - The Three Sins - in seven games partially thanks to an incredible last-minute comeback in the fifth game.



After a couple of nervy overtimes, Ellevens were able to close out the series in six games and progressed to the Grand Finals, where they met Avidity once again following the former Lotus side’s clean sweep over Most Wanted. 

After chaining together three wins in a row, Caio “CaioTG1” Vinicius’ side found themselves on match point, but Avidity were restless as they took the series to seven games. It was a nervy final game but, eventually, Ellevens found a way through and took it in overtime after Gabriel “caard” Vieira Cardoso‘s pass was smashed home by Enzo “tander” Toledo.



Although there wasn’t a World Championship spot on the line, thanks to a boost in the prize pool, this was South America’s biggest season yet and both grand finalists have locked their spots in for next season.

As their first outing under Gareth Bale’s organisation, all three players have made a statement to the rest of the region as they secured their second regional title in three seasons.


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