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Rocket League
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Gareth Bale's Ellevens Esports enter Rocket League

Gareth Bale's Elleven Esports have signed their first-ever Rocket League roster.
Ellevens Esports, the esport organisation co-owned by Gareth Bale, have entered the world Rocket League esports with the signing of the roster formerly called Novus Aevi.


The Brazilian team are currently the No.1 ranked team in South America after finishing top of the RLCS South America: Grand Series with a perfect 7-0 record.



Ellevens Esports are signing a highly competitive roster. Gabriel "caard" Vieira and Enzo "tander" Toledo had previously turned out for Lowkey Esports, winning the RLCS Season 7 - South America: Grand Series, and thus being one of two South American teams to qualify for the World Championship LAN.

Caio "CaioTG1" Vinicius joined them the following season and they had further success, reaching another Regional final, but back-to-back wins alluded them when they lost to The Three Sins. There was a silver winning though, as they won their opening game against European side Veloce Esports at the World Championship something which The Three Sins were unable to do.

Lowkey Esports left Rocket League after that season and caard, tander and CaioTG1 created a new team - Novus Aevi - where they have continued to dominate the South American scene.

Elleven Esports pick up the roster at the perfect time. The decision to cancel the Season 9 World Championship LAN, set for Dallas, and prompted by the Coronavirus pandemic, has meant that the Regional Championship of each of Rocket League's four regions were given a cash boost. The winners will now take home $24,000.

This is the second of player acquisitions for Ellevens after initially signing three FIFA players in Pedro Resende, Ethan Higgins, and Tyler Phillips. with further plans to field CS:GO, Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege teams.