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Rocket League
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Musty and Mertzy collaborate with Champion for new limited merch line

The Rocket League content creators announced the merch drop after working on it alongside the brand Champion for eight months.

Rocket League content creators Mert “Mertzy” Griezmann and Wyatt “Musty” have launched their collaboration merchandise with the American manufacturer, Champion.

The announcement was made on 16th March and they are advertised as available only for two weeks on mxm2021.

Former Spacestation Gaming’s content creator Mertzy and current NRG’s content creator-gone-pro Musty are the biggest European and North American Rocket League channels respectively.

The merch drop includes branded masks, pullover sweatshirts, a classic Musty Flick hoodie and a Meme Mertzy sweater. 

Also, a limited edition Full-Zip Jacket 50/50 branded MxM (MustyxMertzy or MertzyxMusty), already showing as sold out on their website.

rocket league mertzy musty merch(Image: Champion)

While the merchandise officially dropped in March 2021, in his latest video Musty talks about the collaboration being in the works for the past eight months, hence the 1MIL masks being outdated.

Musty surpassed the one million subscriber milestone on 14th September 2020 and the two million subscribers one this past January.

With two of the biggest names in the community collaborating with Champion, of the biggest clothing brands in the world, make sure to cop some official merch to support your favourite Rocket League content creators.

While wearing one will not guarantee you to rank up, you’ll at least lose with style and isn’t that what Rocket League is really about?