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Musty goes pro! NRG announce new sub in "major roster transition"

He finally did it! Musty is going pro per NRG’s “major roster transition” announcement and will be the team’s official sub in Spring Split.
Musty goes pro! NRG announce new sub in "major roster transition"

“Hey, (pro) gamer.” As of 2nd March 2021, Wyatt “amustycow” AKA Musty has been officially declared NRG’s substitute for RLCS, and we hit it right on the nose.

The announcement was made after NRG’s social team shook everyone by the shoulders with yesterday’s statement warning the RLCS fanbase of a “major roster transition.”

While speculating about FaZe buying NRG out or one of the NRG members retiring, Musty going pro was an inevitability with his closeness to the scene, his undisputed talent and his past attempts at qualifying for RLCS X.

Musty gathered a three’s team back before the start of the revamped RLCS X and tried to qualify for the Fall Split along with fellow content creators Treyven "Lethamyr" Robitaille and Carson "Forky" Howard playing under the team name “The Three Mustyteers.”

The team made it all the way to the final day, Day 3 of the qualifiers but eventually fell short to RLCS-regular, Jamal Jabary.

nrg musty pro major roster transitionThe teaser NRG posted 1st March warning of the “major roster transition” (Image: NRG)

Playing a whole month exclusively with pros, competing in 2020's Twitch Rivals alongside NRG’s Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon and Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda and even spooking the life out of the latter because of “how much he has improved lately”, Musty is shutting mouths up whether he could ever go pro or not.

While substitutes are seldomly put in the pitch unless there is a shaky roster situation, Musty’s dream is one huge step closer to become a reality and, with the way things are looking for the org, maybe a dream that he hadn’t even imagined -- a LAN debut.

rocket league nrg major champions(Image: NRG)

NRG is coming off their first RLCS X NA Major Championship win from the past weekend defeating Rogue 4-2 after losing the first series and being forced into a bracket reset. The win secured them a huge check and 1st place in North America.

If things keep looking up, and god-forbid something were to happen to anyone in the NRG roster, it’d be Musty’s time to shine just like a certain GOAT who jumped in as a sub and has won four World Championships ever since, Mr Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver.

Whether making his first appearance because of a starter’s power outage or literally pulling off a Turbo during NRG’s LAN run, Musty’s debut will have all eyes on him waiting for the first-ever Musty's Musty flick in RLCS history.

If there was a list of 2021 predictions for the Rocket League scene, Musty going pro was definitely on top of it -- and what better way to do it than your own organisation believing in you and backing you up.

Musty has turned himself into the blueprint for aspiring-professional Rocket League players all around the world. We cannot wait for his video on how he won the RLCS X World Championship with a 0-second goal “even better than Justin "jstn" Morales”.