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Pittsburgh Knights sign AlphaKep as org signal intention to continue in RLCS

The North American org also released a player, benched another and extended their roster for two more years in the move.
Pittsburgh Knights sign AlphaKep as org signal intention to continue in RLCS
Rocket League pro Austin "AlphaKep" Kepner has found a new home in the Pittsburgh Knights. The Pennsylvania-based organisation has signed the 23-year-old only three weeks after being released by XSET.

AlphaKep will be replacing Anthony “ZPS” Marcello Perez from the starting roster effective immediately which has led to the release of substitute Dylan "Flitz" Taussig.

“We've re-signed our roster to a 2-year extension”, Pittsburgh Knights announced on 25th June, referring to AlphaKep, Josh "Radoko" Ruiz Radtke, Gianluca "Sosa" Petrozza and coach Landon "McLando" Mellor.

The re-signing comes to the surprise of many as Knights had an underwhelming season, to say the least.

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Their peak performance during the RLCS Season X was a fourth-place finish in the first Winter Regional event whilst the rest of the campaign was plagued with top eight and top 16 showings.

Closing in 14th place overall in North American, eight spots behind World Championship-turned-Regional Championships, a change was needed yet AlphaKep didn’t come off hot from XSET before his release.

AlphaKep and company finished 24th overall during his XSET tenure with eerily similar performances during NA’s regionals and majors.

This signing, benching and release add to Rostermania, the esports free agency frenzy.

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