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RLCS World Champ ViolentPanda departs Dignitas after three years

The Dutchman is parting ways with the American organisation after their most underwhelming season together.
Professional Rocket League player Jos "ViolentPanda" van Meurs has parted ways with Dignitas on 17th July after a three-year partnership.

The news comes at least a month ahead of RLCS Season 11 and will have VP as a free agent effective immediately.

“Today we say thank you and farewell to ViolentPanda as he takes the next steps in his legendary journey”, Dignitas tweeted.

“I wanna thank dig for everything they've done for me and all the moments we shared, cus there were some darn good ones” Panda took to Twitter shortly after the announcement. “But it is time for me to go onto new beginnings and look forward. Much more exciting stuff to come”

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(Picture: @Dignitas/Twitter)

Joining in May 2018, ViolentPanda was the last remaining member of the Gale Force acquisition still on Dignitas with Alexandre "Kaydop" Courant currently a European RLCS X Champion in Vitality and Pierre "Turbopolsa" Silfver in the top of NA with Team Envy.

VP is also associated with one of the most winningest RLCS competitors as the only two-time World Champion behind Kaydop (the only three-time) and Turbo (the only four-time).

The legendary roster won back-to-back championships with Gale Force and then Dignitas, the latter of which kickstarted a wave of popularity in the car soccer title with the “This is Rocket League” Game 7 goal.

Since then, Dignitas has suffered major roster changes and departures that have hurt the org’s showings as RLCS X showed the lowest-performing DIG roster we have seen ever, still managing to stay Top 8.

With Coach Virge leaving yesterday 16th July and the 17th July departure, two of the most well-known and dominant names in the Dignitas roster are now free agents. We’ll have to wait and see where DP lands during this Rostermania continues.


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