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Rocket League
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RLCS X Fall Split: Schedule, format, teams, prize pool and how to watch

One year-long competition with three splits and a World Championship means Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X is the biggest to date.
Anticipation for the return of RLCS has never been higher. With a revamped format, which will give players and fans even more opportunity to enjoy their favourite esport, and with the game set to go free-to-play all the signs point to this season becoming the season for Rocket League to truly announce itself among the worlds foremost esports.

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(Picture: Psyonix)

Everything has changed, gone are the two seasons plus their regional and world championships, and in its place a year-long split format with over $4M on the line.

There will be more teams involved, more games to watch, and certainly more eyes watching them. New teams will be joining the fray including David Beckham's backed Guild Esports and, for the first team ever, esport royalty Team Liquid will be entering the scene.

The format of RLCS X is also different from what has come before, the season will be split in three, starting with the Fall Split, then Winter, followed by Spring before the World Championship set to be held in May 2021.

Each Split will have its own format, with the first up, Fall, which is itself split into three parts, using a Swiss Format to whittle down the teams in Stage 1 and 2 before the end-of-Split Playoffs where the top 8 teams will compete for the lion share of the $100,00 prize pool as well as RLCS Circuit Ranking points, these points will help earn them a place at the Major and ultimately the World Championship.

Getting your head around it all may not be the easiest thing, even for Rocket League esport veterans, so we have brought together all the info you need allowing you to kick back, relax, and enjoy what is set to be a transformative season.


RLCS X Schedule


  • Regional Event 1:
    • Stage 1: August 1st - 2nd. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
    • Stage 2: August 8th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
    • Playoffs: August 9th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
  • Regional Event 2
    • Stage 1: August 29th - 30th. Coverage starts 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
    • Stage 2: September 5th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
    • Playoffs: September 6th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
  • Regional Event 3
    • Stage 1: September 24th - 25th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
    • Stage 2: September 26th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
    • Playoffs: September 27th. Coverage starts at 9 am PDT (4 pm UTC)
  • Major: TBC

North America

  • Regional Event 1:
    • Stage 1: August 15th - 16th. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
    • Stage 2: August 22nd. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
    • Playoffs: August 23nd. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
  • Regional Event 2
    • Stage 1: September 12th - 13th. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
    • Stage 2: September 19th. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
    • Playoffs: September 20th. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
  • Regional Event 3
    • Stage 1: October 1st - 2nd. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
    • Stage 2: October 3rd. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
    • Playoffs: October 4th. Coverage starts at 12 pm PDT (7 pm UTC)
  • Major: TBC



64 teams in all will take to the field at the start of the Fall Split, 32 in Europe and 32 in North America. Some teams earned their place automatically based off their RLCS Season 9 performances, while the others gained a spot by competing in a series of closed qualifiers, with North America still to complete theirs.


  • FC Barcelona
  • Dignitas
  • Team Liquid
  • Oxygen Esports
  • Renault Vitality
  • Guild Esports
  • Top Blokes
  • Team BDS
  • Solary
  • Endpoint
  • Giants Gaming
  • Fadeaway
  • opp block
  • Chalked
  • Monkeys
  • Team Singularity
  • Libertas
  • Nameseekers
  • Team Name
  • Triple Trouble
  • Stormtroopers
  • Drillers and Trappers
  • VENC Gaming
  • Holy Cow!
  • Magnifico
  • Uniquestars
  • Servette Geneva Esports
  • Nordavind
  • Glory4Builders
  • Ascending Legends
  • The Last Resort

North America

  • Rat Enterprises
  • G2 Esports
  • NRG Esports
  • Pittsburgh Knights
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • Susquehanna Soniqs
  • Team Envy
  • Alpine Esports
  • Rogue eUnited

The renaming North American teams are yet to be confirmed with qualifiers scheduled to be played on August 12th.



RLCS Season X Schedule Format Prize Pool Teams How To Watch
(Picture: Psyonix)

  • Stage 1 - 32 Team Swiss System
    • 32 Team Swiss System Format, split between 2 groups.
      • All matches are Bo5.
    • Top 8 Teams per group - 16 in total - proceed to Stage 2
    • Bottom 16 Teams are eliminated.
  • Stage 2 - 16 Team Swiss System
    • 16 Team Swiss System Format.
      • All matches are Bo5.
    • Top 8 Teams proceed to Stage 3
    • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated.
  • Stage 3 - Playoffs
    • Single Elimination Bracket.
    • Quarterfinals are Bo5, whilst Semifinals and Grand Finals are Bo7.


Prize Pool

In total there will be $200,000 up for grabs in the Fall Split, $100,000 for each region. There are also RLCS Circuit Ranking Points which will go towards qualifying for the Major and World Championship.

Place USD Points  
 1st $30,000 351  
 2nd $15,000 250  
 3rd-4th $8,000 200  

For the complete breakdown of the prize pool check out Rocket League's Liquipedia page.


How to watch RLCS Season X

There will be a lot of matches to watch so Psyonix has brought in the experience of ELEAGUE to provide a secondary stream, at least for the first regional event.

The A stream can be watched on the Rocket League's Twitch and YouTube channels. 

The B stream will be on ELEAGUETV. We have embedded both streams for you below.