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Rocket League caster Karma zapped by lightning during Twitch stream

A North American Rocket League caster and player, Jaime "Karma" Bickford, was zapped by lightning while casting a match.

When there's a thunderstorm outside, it's always good practice to turn off your electronics. This is easier said than done for those who work in the esports industry, especially when they are casting a match. Rocket League caster and player,  Jaime "Karma" Bickford, recently learned this the hard way as she was zapped by lightning during a match.


Karma zapped while casting Rocket League

First of all,  Jaime "Karma" Bickford is okay, as she only sustained some burns to her hands, and her DualShock 4 controller didn't survive the incident. 

On 28th June, during a thunderstorm, Karma was casting a 1v1 Rocket League match, when all of a sudden, a jolt of electricity shot through her controller, destroying it and burning her hands. 

While the Twitch clip below doesn't show what happened, you can hear her reaction to the ordeal.



Karma didn't let a little lightning get her down, as she continued to cast the series. Later, she explained what happened: "The house next door to me got struck by lightning. It’s not on fire.

"It must have gone down through the house and somehow hit me. The controller sparked...really big sparks...and just burned my hands."

Karma later took to Twitter to update her worried fans on her minor injury, and the status of her controller.



It is great to hear Karma didn't sustain serious injuries from the lightning zap while casting a Rocket League match. Her controller, on the other hand, looks pretty wrecked.


Karma Rocket League Lightning twitch stream
The poor DualShock4 (Picture: Karma)


If at all possible, remember to turn off your gaming equipment during a thunderstorm.

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