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Rocket League
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ESPN Rocket League Invitational: Schedule, format, prize pool, teams and how to watch

This weekend's ESPN Invitational gives North American teams the opportunity to get in some more reps and win big money before the start of RLCS Season X.
The start of RLCS Season X is just weeks away, and rosters are now locked for sides meaning that the ESPN Invitational will provide an opportunity for viewers to get a look at some of North America's best sides, with the rosters they are going to take the field with as part of Rocket League esports biggest season to date.

Eight teams will be taking part, including current North American champions G2 Esports and NRG, and there is ,000 on the line so make no mistake this tournament is about as big as they come.



The action kicks off on Friday 24th June and runs throughout the weekend until Sunday 26th.

Here is everything you need to know ahead of the event.


Format & Schedule

The action kicks off at 2.30 pm ET each day.

  • Group Stage 24th-25th July
    • Round Robin Bo5.
    • Two groups split into 4 teams.
      • Tiebreakers:
        • In the case of a tie on series wins, Goals For always seeds the teams, followed by Goals Against.
    • 1st place of each group gets a secured spot in the Semifinals.
    • Places 2 and 3 of each group proceed to the Quarterfinals.
  • Playoffs - 26th July
    • Single Elimination Bracket.
    • All matches Bo7.


ESPN Rocket League Invitational Schedule format prize pool how to watch
Retals (centre) will be looking to prove he is an upgrade on the recently departed AxB. (Picture: Javier Muñante @chukyrl)


There was no qualifiers for this event as each time was invited to participate, that doesn't mean they are here on name alone (though it kind of does), no these teams are the best that North America has to offer.

G2 and NRG Esports will likely be the favourites for the tournament, G2 remain unchanged from their RLCS Season 9 roster, however, NRG has moved on four-time world champion Turbopolsa, who now finds himself plying his trade with Team Envy - this tournament will answer questions about how the two most dominant teams in NA will fair out next season.

Turbopolsa will also look at this as a high-profile opportunity to get one over on his old team.

Eyes will also be on Spacestation Gaming who have officially brought in Retals to replace AxB, who is rumoured himself to be joining the ex-Cloud 9 boys on Rat Enterprises. Whether AxB turns up for this event or not, the fortune of these two teams in the long term will start getting wrote this weekend.

Rogue has also looked a different side since Turinturo was brought in, Firstkiller is making waves and on a mechanical level looks untouchable. There are big hopes for this side this season and they will look to this tournament as a chance to make their mark early.

  • NRG Esports
  • G2 Esports
  • Rogue 
  • Team Envy
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • Rat Enterprises
  • Alpine Esports
  • Plot Twist


Prize Pool

There is a total of $25,000 to be won, with the winner's taking home $13,750.

Placement $ USD Team
1st $13,750 TBD
2nd $6,250 TBD
3rd-4th $2,500 TBD



How to watch the ESPN Invitational

All the action will be broadcast live on ESPN Esports Twitch channel

We have embedded it for you below.