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Rocket League
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Rocket League Knight Rider DLC: Release date, cost, contents and more

K.I.T.T. is back on the pitch for the first time in years and here’s everything you need to know!
Rocket League is no stranger to bringing out iconic pop culture vehicles to the pitch and this classic DLC is hard proof of it. 

Knight Rider, the revolutionary TV show, gifted us K.I.T.T. and now Psyonix is returning the favour by bringing it back for the first time since going free-to-play in September 2020.

From when it will hit and dip the item shop to how many credits it will set you back, here’s everything you need to know about the Knight Rider DLC in Rocket League.

Rocket League Knight Rider DLC duration

The Rocket League Knight Rider DLC will be available from 8th July to 14th July 2021.

Rocket League Knight Rider DLC contents

The Rocket League Knight Rider DLC contains the K.I.T.T. body, boost, topper, player banners and more. Here’s the full list of contents:

Knight Rider Bundle

  • K.I.T.T.
  • K.I.T.T. Wheels
  • K.I.T.T. Boost
  • K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper
  • Knight Industries Player Banner
  • Knight Rider Player Banner
  • K.I.T.T. Engine Audio

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Rocket League Knight Rider DLC cost 

Whilst the price is yet to be confirmed, we can assume the Rocket League Knight Rider DLC will set you back somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 credits, which is the latest average for DLC bundles.

The return of K.I.T.T. is upon us and we don’t know if it’s a last ever so make sure to cop it and use your favourite’s content creators’ epic code to help them out!

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