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Rocket League Season 7 Patch Notes - New Arena Variant, Custom Training Updates

This article looks at the complete Rocket League Season 7 patch notes of the latest update listing all the newest content coming to the game.
Rocket League Season 7 Patch Notes - New Arena Variant, Custom Training Updates

The highly anticipated Rocket League Season 7 update has been deployed across all the platforms. The latest patch introduced a new Arena variant and updates to the custom training mode. As always, the update also carries a number of bug fixes to optimize the game.

The developers have has unveiled the complete patch notes of the Rocket League Season 7 update, and you can have a look at them below.

Rocket League Season 7 Patch Notes

Rocket League Season 7 Update Patch Notes.
Rocket League Season 7 Update Patch Notes. (Picture: Epic Games)

Here are the complete patch notes of the Rocket League Season 7 Update.

New Arena Variant

  • Utopia Coliseum (Gilded) is now available in Private Matches, and Free Play

Custom Training Updates

  • You can now complete shots in a training pack in any order you want

  • Training pack progress is now included in game save data

  • You can reset progress on any training pack (see Pause Menu changes below)

  • New controls:

    • Next and Previous Shot: Freely swap between shots in a training pack

    • Select Shot: Press and hold will bring up a new drop-down menu that allows you to pick which shot in the pack you want to practice

    • Shuffle Shots: Randomize the shot order (press again to reset to the original order)

    • Shot Mirroring: Flip a shot to the opposing side of the arena. Mirroring works on all Arenas currently available in Custom Training

  • To view and change Custom Training controls:

    • Load into a Custom Training pack

    • Go to Settings -> Controls -> View/Change Bindings

    • Scroll to the very bottom, and you will see the new inputs right below controls for Knockout

  • ‘History’ tab has been added to the Custom Training Menu

  • New options have been added to the Custom Training Pause Menu

    • Reset Progress

    • End Training

  • End Training screen: From here, you can jump back into the pack, change to a different game mode, change the training pack, or go back to the main menu.

    • This screen will appear the first time you complete every shot in a training pack, and any time you complete all of the shots in a pack after resetting progress

    • This screen won’t automatically appear if you are using a training pack that has already been completed if its progress hasn’t been reset

Rocket League Season 7 Custom Training updates.
Rocket League Season 7 Custom Training updates. (Picture: Rocket League)

Painted Items

  • Sort by Paints: You can now sort Customization Items by Paints in the Car Customization and Manage Inventory menus

  • Gold Paint: ‘Gold’ has been added as a Painted color attribute, available on select Customization Items

Player Behavior

  • We have made changes and improvements to how we track and take action against in-game griefing and scoring on your own team (“own-goaling”)

  • If you witness any griefing or own-goaling during a match, please use the “Match Throwing/Griefing” report reason

  • This will lead to disciplinary action under the “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” ban reason

  • When a player is banned, a “Report Feedback” notification is sent to all players who sent in eligible reports for Match Throwing/Griefing


  • Similar to the new shot controls in Custom Training, ball controls in Free Play now display at all times in the upper left corner

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed positioning of in-game Voice Chat notifications

  • Fixed a focus issue in the Friends List while navigating the Report/Block list

  • [PS, Switch, Xbox] Fixed a rare bug that allowed spectators into some online matches and would place them on the field

    • This issue was fixed on PC in v2.15

  • Fixed a bug with the Credits pop-up after a trade has completed

  • Fixed multiple bugs with text appearance on the Scoreboard

  • Fixed appearance of the Shark Tooth Decal on Jager 619

  • Fixed the Joker Decal on Dominus so it no longer affects Painted trim color

  • Fixed appearance of the MG-88 Decal on Endo

  • Voice Chat pop-up for first-time users no longer blocks controller input

  • Fixed the post-match scoreboard so the MVP player name doesn’t get cut off

  • Fixed a bug causing a players Rank to show up as Unranked on the post-match scoreboard

Known Issues

For a complete list of known issues in Rocket League, go here

  • [Custom Training] The HUD does not update automatically when changing the controls

  • [Custom Training] Some shots may not mirror correctly

  • [Custom Training] Replay may show car being moved across the field after a shot is mirrored

  • Some Boosts may be partially visible to splitscreen players even when it is not being actively used

  • Sometimes the  lightning animation above a car does not trigger when a player switches teams

  • The ‘Boujee’ Animated Decal is off centered on certain Car Bodies

  • The ‘Sizzled’ Decal is listed as an ‘Animated’ decal when it is not

  • For first time players only, leaving the RL Intro cinematic causes the car and grass in the Main Menu to be hidden until entering the Garage

  • Some Blueprint thumbnails may disappear when rapidly switching between tabs

  • When being replaced by a real player, bot names may not disappear from the scoreboard

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Rocket League Season 7 change log. 

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.