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Rocket League Season 9: Release Date News, and More

Rocket League Season 8 concludes on 7th December 2022. Find out when Rocket League Season 9 launches below.
Rocket League Season 9: Release Date News, and More

It’s been over a month since Psyonix launched Rocket League Season 8 on 7th September 2022. The season brought forth a new battle pass filled with challenges, rewards, and more. However, with it ending fairly soon, on 7th December 2022, players are already bracing for a fresh season jam-packed with action.

In saying so, players can assume another merry and festive season coming to the game soon. So far, Psyonix hasn't spilled the beans just yet, but here's everything players can expect from Rocket League Season 9.

Update on 24 November 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Rocket League Season 9' news and leaks.

When Does Rocket League Season 9 Start?

rocket league season 8
Rocket League Season 8 concludes on 7th December 2022.

Firstly, there’s still quite some time left before Rocket League Season 8 draws to a close. Before it happens, make sure to grind out all the challenges for attainable rewards in the seasonal battle pass.

That said, Rocket League Season 9 will most likely start a few days, if not the latest being a week after Season 8 concludes on 7th December.

rocket league season 9 debut shortly after season 8 ends
It's safe to assume Rocket League Season 9 will debut shortly after Season 8 ends.

Players can presumably expect Rocket League Season 9 to kick off anywhere between the 8th-15th December 2022. Until Psyonix officially announces the upcoming season, this is a reasonable period to expect its launch. 

Noting previous seasonal debuts have roughly launched along the same span, it’s somewhat safe to say these dates reflect the likelihood of Psyonix’s official planned debut for Rocket League Season 9.

With Christmas nearby too, it’s hard to imagine Rocket League won’t be revving up the festivity through the upcoming season, either.

What Can Players Expect From Rocket League Season 9?

players rocket league season 9 christmas theme
Players can assume Rocket League Season 9 will be Christmas-themed.

Seeing that Rocket League Season 9 will most likely commence in December 2022, there’s much room to expect it to feature tons of Christmas-themed events, cosmetics, activities, and a battle pass filled with merry challenges.

Last year, players had the chance to participate in the returning event, Frosty Fest 2021. The event brought cosmetics and limited-time modes like Winter Breakaway and Spike Rush, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Frosty Fest return in 2022, alongside the debut of Rocket League Season 9.

That said, although these are very likely expectations, it’s safe to take it all with a grain of salt before rushing to conclusions. For more information about Rocket League Season 9 officially debuting, it’s best to keep a close eye on Psyonix’s announcements.

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