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Rocket League Pro CJCJ Retires In Heartfelt Sendoff At RLCS Worlds 2022

Rocket League pro player Cameron "CJCJ" Johns retired with a bang in a heartwarming sendoff video at RLCS World Championship 2022.
Rocket League Pro CJCJ Retires In Heartfelt Sendoff At RLCS Worlds 2022

Despite esports being a competitive field requiring players to devote their time and talent to be the best, they’re all humans even though they perform superhuman feats. So in a tear-shedding retirement announcement, Rocket League professional player Cameron "CJCJ" Johns moved fans during a sendoff at the RLCS World Championship 2022.

On 12th August 2022, CJCJ and Rocket League fans witnessed a legendary moment as the Renegades member bid farewell in a heartwarming 3-minute video displayed at RLCS Worlds 2022. In the video, competing players, teammates, and CJCJ's parents thanked him for his contribution to the scene.

Rocket League Professional Player CJCJ Retires

Rocket League pro cjcj retires at rlcs 2022 world championship
Rocket League professional player CJCJ has officially retired from the competitive field. (Picture: Twitter / Rocket League Esports)

The video marks the end of multiple years of competition, playing alongside and against various teams. With that, CJCJ has officially retired from the competitive Rocket League. As one of the most significant players in the esports scene, his departure doesn’t go unnoticed.

At RLCS 2022, CJCJ and fans got to experience a surprising, sentimental moment. In collaboration with other esports players, the Renegades roster, and CJCJ’s parents, the professional player was heartfeltly sent off with notes of gratitude.

In the video, opposing players stated they’d “miss” CJCJ but also felt relieved they wouldn’t have to lose more games to his unwavering talent in the esports scene.

His teammates all stated the professional player’s positive impact he had on their lives, and CJCJ will always be a “brother” to them, even outside of Rocket League.

But one of the most sentimental parts of the video that most people teared up when watching, including CJCJ himself, was the note where his parents expressed how proud they were of his achievements and thanked him for the six years of playing.

rocket league cjcj retires sendoff rlcs world championship 2022
CJCJ's mother thanked him for bringing Rocket League into their family. (Picture: Twitter / Rocket League)

CJCJ’s mother said, “CJ, thanks for bringing Rocket League to our family. The last six years has been so much fun, and to be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

His mother added, “I think this is the right time to bow out. You’ve been an amazing example to the other players on how to conduct yourself. I’m really proud of what you’ve achieved, and whatever comes from this, you’ll always have my one-hundred percent support. Love you”

His dad also expressed how incredibly proud he was of the professional player’s achievements. In response, CJCJ posted on Twitter thanking everyone. He stated, “Thank you all so bloody much.” 

It’s never easy for anyone following an esports scene to face the departure of such an outstanding person; still, it’s bittersweet. But CJCJ leaves behind a legacy of excellence as one of the most significant Rocket League players.

We wish CJCJ the best of luck in his future endeavors and thank him for being an amazing player in the Rocket League esports scene.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Rocket League Esports.