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Rocket League
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Solary acquires "Ex-Oxygen" roster, debuting at RLCS X EU Spring Regional #1

The organisation rejoins RLCS X moving regions after parting ways with their European roster on 8th March.

Solary is back in the Rocket League competitive circuit after a short absence as the European organisation announced the signing of the “Ex-Oxygen” roster on 11th March.

This means Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak, Maello “AztraL” Ernst, team captain Victor “Ferra” Francal and coach Julie “Moon Phases” are representing Solary in RLCS X effective immediately. 

The roster was Oxygen Esports’ former team who got previously released on 8th March. Oxygen Esports, then, moved regions from Europe to North America to sign independent team Jamal Jabary.

After the roster's departure, the team stuck together under the name “Ex-Oxygen” keeping their RLCS X placement and points, already qualified for the first EU Spring Regional Event.

In a business decision, Solary effectively released the 11th place roster and picked up the 10th place roster in Oxygen Esports.

While releasing and signing rosters for one spot upwards seems like too much, moving up from 670 RLCS points to 1140 RLCS points puts Solary in a better position to qualify for the RLCS X World Championship at the end of the Spring Split.

rlcs x solary eu(Image: Psyonix)

The new Solary roster has been looking pretty good during the revamped RLCS X in recent highlight placements with two Top 6 and one Top 4 finish during the Winter Split tournaments.

The org currently sits 201 points behind 6th place and four spots below World Championship qualification.

Solary is just one great Spring Split away from making a run for the RLCS trophy and they started on the right note with their Thursday’s Day 0 performance.

We’ll have this weekend to see if the Cinderella story can become a reality as the first Spring Regional continues for the old continent.