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Rocket League
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Team Singularity retain Godsmilla and sign Breezi and Hibbs ahead of RLCS Season X

Unproven at the highest level Breezi and Hibbs join Team Singularity off Godsmilla's recommendation.
When Season 9 of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) ended, and Team Singularity were looking back on their season, the idea it would be Leon "Godsmilla" Mares that would be the sole remaining member of that roster would have been outlandish. With not quite the same mechanical skill as, his teammates Joseph "Noly" Kidd and Thomas "ThO." Binkhorst, it appeared that Godsmilla was on the way out. He was in fact benched with Joonas "Mognus" Salo coming in for the Spring Series and later Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson for the EuroCup and Rocket Baguette: Summer Series.

Things changed though, with Guild Esports, the brand new esport organisation co-owned by David Beckham moved into Rocket League signing both Noly and ThO, as well as former world champion and Team Singularity stand-in Scrub Killa.

That left Team Singularity with a benched Godsmilla and it appears they have made quite the reversal giving the German free-reign to bring in who he sees fit ahead of the revamped RLCS Season X, with the player opting for Englishmen Joseph “Hibbs” Jamie Hibbert and George "Breezi" Rusiecki.



To say they aren't high-profile signings would be an understatement, Breezi has the greater experience having played with the We Dem Girlz roster in last season Rival Series, while Hibbs has played in smaller tournaments with teams with names such as "Yes bro" and "Poohead".

Team Singularity's Rocket League manager, Jonas "vel" Schaffrick spoke positively of the move in the roster announcement: “I’m happy that we can announce Breezi and Hibbs to our Singularity Rocket League team. They will join Godsmilla to compete in RLCS X and other upcoming tournaments and events. Breezi is known for his own Breezi-flick and as RLRS player for WDG & Excel. Hibbs is the rising star of the Rocket League bubble scene. At his young age he has a lot of potential and is improving from day to day."

Team Singularity will also find themself in the position of having to qualify for the new look RLCS even though they retained their spot based off their 7th place finish last year, as Rocket League competitive rules state that teams must retain 2/3rds of their starting roster from season to season, though the risk of not qualifying is mitigated by the 22 qualifying spots up for grabs in Stage 1 of RLCS Season X Fall Split.

The first time we will see the new roster in action will be during the closed qualifiers on 29th July, and if they succeed on the 1st of April in what will be the opening day of a brand new RLCS.