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WondaMike and eUnited part ways ahead of RLCS X Spring Split

The North American org will be searching for a new third while WondaMike has already declared himself LFT.

American organisation eUnited announced on 10th February that they will be parting ways with Michael "WondaMike" Santoriello effective immediately.

The announcement was made by Matthew Potthoff, General Manager for eUnited through a video on their official Twitter account. 

eUnited has qualified and played every Regional and Major championship since the start of the revamped RLCS X up until recent tiebreaker qualifiers where they fell short of qualifying for the North American Winter Major.

Having played all six Regional events so far and the Fall Major tournament, eUnited has performed poorly, barely scratching Top 8 placements and falling closer to the middle and bottom of the barrel.

“Unfortunately, we had one of the worst months in eUnited Rocket League history”, Matthew Potthoff added.

“We decided to mutually part ways so Mike can find a team for the upcoming transfer window.”

General Manager Matthew Potthoff concluded that they will keep their fanbase updated as they are running tryouts for their new third during the following three weeks.

wondamike eunited(Image: ShiftRLE)

WondaMike had played for Absolute Leverage, 2008 Toyota Corolla and with CLT Phoenix as a stand-in.

The 16-year-old joined the roster back in July of 2020 teaming up with Jackson "ayjacks" Carter and Tristan ".tristn" Roberts achieving some success placing Top 4 in The Grid Winter Week 2 and Beyond The Summit’s Rocket League tournament.

WondaMike immediately announced himself LFT (Looking For Team) through his own Twitter account. At such a young age, the professional scene and fanbase have Mike’s back assuring he will not go long without a squad.

While the North American Winter Major will be underway at the end of February, eUnited will have to wait until the start of the Winter Split to show off their fresh team.

Free agency and transfer windows are as exciting as the game themselves in competitive Rocket League, so rest assured we will keep you posted as the RLCS roster changes keep shifting and changing.