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SMITE x Stranger Things Battle Pass skins - first look

The SMITE Season 8 mid-season update show highlighted the Stranger Things Battle Pass, which is coming soon. Check out all the exclusive skins that will feature next month when Netflix’s Stranger Things finally arrives on the battleground of the gods.
SMITE x Stranger Things Battle Pass skins - first look

One of the major news events during any SMITE campaign, the mid-season update show always provides crucial information for curious gamers. Now all the way on to Season 8, the show has become highly anticipated, as we’ll be getting our first look at some upcoming SMITE content.

The last year has seen major crossovers between SMITE and popular television series. First, the Hi-Rez Studios title meshed with Avatar: The Last Airbender, then the next Battle Pass featured the ultra-popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Now in the midst of the Monstercat crossover, the mid-season update show has revealed the next batch of Battle Pass skins. Coming to SMITE beginning in June, it’s the Netflix original Stranger Things Battle Pass, here’s the first look.

Smite Stranger Things Battle pass(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

SMITE x Stranger Things skins & start date (Battle Pass)

We now have an official start date for the Stranger Things Battle Pass, as it will go live in-game beginning 13th July 2021. It’s unclear how long the Battle Pass will run for, but based on past editions it should be at least two months.

The Season 8 mid-season update show highlighted the new Upside Down Arena, which will feature as a limited-time game mode during the Stranger Things Battle Pass. Also revealed in the mid-season update show, we got the first look at all the skins included in the Stranger Things Battle Pass:

Smite Stranger Things battle pass start date(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Smite Stranger Things battle pass(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

For Scylla, Apollo, Bakasura, and Sylvanus main’s, you’ll definitely want to save up your gems and purchase this Battle Pass. These skins will potentially be limited, but at the very least Exclusive, meaning they could be all but impossible to unlock when the Battle Pass concludes.Be sure to keep up to date with Ginx, we’ll have the latest breaking information on all things SMITE as the Stranger Things Battle Pass inches closer to arrival.