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SMITE new god Lancelot - Release date, trailer, more

Another new figure is joining the battleground of the gods! Here's everything you need to know about Lancelot in SMITE including his release date and more.
SMITE new god Lancelot - Release date, trailer, more

The battleground of the gods continues to evolve as game developers Hi Rez Studios have continued to adapt and evolve SMITE, their ultra-popular MOBA title. Over the years we've seen tons of gameplay shifts including new maps, game modes, and so much more. But the unquestioned calling card of SMITE is its ever-growing cast of characters for players to choose from.

New gods and goddesses are always so popular, particularly because they can be seriously cracked and overpowered when first implemented into the lineup. For this reason, they're always banned in Ranked Conquest, at least for their initial welcoming stage.

We now know the next SMITE god joining the fight after Hi Rez revealed that Lancelot is coming soon. He'll be an Arthurian Assassin, so here's everything you need to know about Lancelot in SMITE including his release date, the reveal trailer, and more.

Lancelot is coming to SMITE - Release date

Lancelot is coming to SMITE
Lancelot will soon join the battleground of the gods as an Arthurian Assassin. (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

After previous teases via the official SMITE Twitter account, Hi Rez Studios officially unveiled Lancelot during the Patch 9.6 #RoundTable Update Show. The show highlighted a myriad of content information on Lancelot, including the release date for the new god.

While there was no hard date provided, the information from Hi Rez Studios did at least reveal that Lancelot is set to arrive in SMITE at some point during June 2022.

SMITE Lancelot (new god) - Reveal trailer

SMITE Lancelot new god trailer
The first Knight of the roundtable is coming soon to SMITE! (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

The trailer video shows clips of Lancelot in a joust, riding his trusty steed which is said to be involved heavily in his character moveset. As the clips play, a voiceover from Lancelot recites the Knights oath, giving this new god a true Arthurian feel. Take a look for yourself at the video here below and get ready for Lancelot to join the SMITE roster during June 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of Hi Rez Studios.