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SMITE Night Week 4 - 5v5 Conquest

SMITE Night Week 4 is all-set for takeoff and this Saturday will feature awesome 5v5 Conquest action for a limited time only.
SMITE Night Week 4 - 5v5 Conquest
The action continues in SMITE Season 9 as players of all experience levels have been treated to awesome new content as well as the return of throwback gameplay. Hi Rez Studios have further improved and developed the title to evolve the gameplay and make the battleground of the gods one of the most enjoyable online battle arena titles available.

Now entering the fourth round of its schedule, SMITE Night Week 4 features some 5v5 Conquest action with the chance for players to unlock some awesome in-game rewards. Here are all the details for the ongoing SMITE Night event.

SMITE Night 11 June - 5v5 Conquest

SMITE Night 5v5 Conquest
SMITE Night Week 4 features intense 5v5 Conquest action. (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

First introduced during the 9.5 patch update, SMITE Night is a weekly event every Saturday providing players with special content and rewards available for limited 24-hour periods.

Every SMITE Night, participating players receive two quests to complete, which must be completed on that SMITE Night (24-hour period). Each monthly update, players will also have 2 SMITE Night Milestone Quests that will last the duration of the release/patch.

The 11th June SMITE Night marks Week 4 of the event and features normal Season 9 Conquest (5v5) action, though there is an important requirement to take note of. In order to be eligible for completion of SMITE Night Week 4 quests, players must queue with a complete party of 5.

SMITE Night Week 4 rewards - 11 June

Just like in the previous weeks, players will be able to unlock some awesome rewards for completing their SMITE Night quests. Here's what's on hand for players to get their hands on as part of SMITE Night Week 4:

  • 3-day Account Booster
  • SMITE Night Voice Pack Chest
SMITE Night Week 4 rewards
SMITE Night Week 4 features more rewards for players to unlock by completing quests. (Picture: Hi Rez Studios)

That covers everything you'll need to know for SMITE Night Week 4. Enjoy the Conquest action and remember to squad up with a full team of 5 in order to be eligible for the rewards.

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Featured image courtesy of Hi Rez Studios.