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How To Farm Feathers In Sons Of The Forest

Keep your eyes on the skies! Here's how to get and use Feathers in Sons of the Forest.
How To Farm Feathers In Sons Of The Forest

Crafting is an essential feature of Sons of the Forest, as you’ll need to arm yourself and craft shelters and tools to survive the cannibal-infested island. With many resources available to be located and farmed, Feathers are among the most vital materials commonly used to make weapons.

But the question remains: How can you farm Feathers in Sons of the Forest? Interestingly, you'll first need to learn how to find seagulls and all farming methods before using them for crafting weapons. But fret not because we have you covered. This guide details how to find seagulls and farm Feathers in Sons of the Forest.

How To Find Feathers In Sons Of The Forest

sons of the forest resources guide feathers map locations interactive map
Seagulls often spawn near beaches, so you'll have an easy task finding them. (Picture: Map Genie)

Before attempting to farm Feathers in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to find its source: the flock of seagulls that can be spotted near or along the coastal area. Based on the interactive map, there are four known spawning locations where you can find seagulls.

The first two locations are close to each other as there can be found near the beach cave entrance and the abandoned camp on the island’s north side. The last two locations are also relatively close by. They can be found on the western part of the island near a set of boats; you can also find rope and coins at this location.

Spotting the seagulls in Sons of the Forest is relatively easy, as you’ll find them flying around the beach. However, bear in mind that seagulls may only appear during the warmer seasons. While it's unclear how many seagulls can be found at each of the four locations, you will need to kill them for them to drop various items.

How To Use Feathers In Sons Of The Forest

sons of the forest resources guide feathers farming method seagulls killing
Using a ranged weapon like a slingshot, small rock, or spear, aim for a seagull before launching the weapon to bring them down. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

You can use various weapons to kill seagulls, but we advise using either a spear, a small rock, or the slingshot and aiming for the seagulls to bring them down. Look for them on the ground, and you can farm Raw Meat and Feathers that can be used for crafting in Sons of the Forest.

With the right materials, you can craft the Birdhouse to attract birds through your Guide Book. Of course, this method takes much longer than killing them, but you can collect plenty of Feathers over time. Then, you can use the Feathers to craft upgrades and various ranged weapons, including Standard Arrows, Bone Arrows, and upgrades for the Crafted Club.

And that's all! We want to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for its complete walkthrough on finding Feathers in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.