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How To Build The Hunter’s Shelter In Sons Of The Forest

Here's how to build the upgraded Hunter's Shelter in Sons of the Forest so you can rest and save your game progress.
How To Build The Hunter’s Shelter In Sons Of The Forest

Learning to survive is the main objective in Sons of the Forest as it determines whether you’re successful in finding the missing billionaire on the isolated island. This includes finding water, getting shelter, arming yourself, and exploring your surroundings to prepare yourself for anything.

Having a shelter, specifically the Hunter’s Shelter in Sons of the Forest, built on the island lets you rest and, most importantly, save your game progress. But the question remains: How can you build the Hunter’s Shelter? Fortunately, we have the answer, so you'll never get left out in the cold again.

How To Craft The Hunter's Shelter In Sons Of The Forest

Building a shelter should be a top priority for players who want to upgrade from a tent to a standard tarp shelter, as it allows them to save their game progress and rest. All the resources needed to construct the tarp shelter can be found in the starting area, and the Guide Book provides a blueprint to follow.

To gather the necessary resources, look for sticks and a tarp in one of the containers. Once you have collected all of them, open the Guide Book and build a standard shelter. If you've found the best location and have enough resources, you can upgrade your tarp shelter to the Hunter's Shelter in Sons of the Forest.

sons of the forest building guide hunters shelter blueprints guide book
You'll need to have acquired the Guide Book to find blueprints for shelters and what materials are required to build them. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

You can view the blueprint using the trusted Guide Book to see what materials are used to build one. It requires five wooden logs, six sticks, and seven rocks. Consult the Guide Book again and build the stronger Hunter’s Shelter, which you can adjust once constructed.

The Guide Book will be the most valuable item, as you can build different types of buildings by viewing the blueprints. Additionally, you can repair your shelters if you have enough materials to repair your shelter. It would be best to have a Repair Tool, which you can craft using one stick, rock, and rope.

Next, find the Repair Tool within your Emergency Pack and equip it to your character, stand by the damaged shelter, and interact with it to repair it. Likewise, you can disable the setting for Structure Damage from the Options menu, which prevents all shelters from physical and environmental damage.

And that's all! We want to thank the YouTube channel ZaFrostPet for the complete walkthrough of building a Hunter’s Shelter in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.