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How To Find Fireweed In Sons Of The Forest

Not to be confused with firewood, Fireweed can be used to make Energy and Health Mix+, so here's how to find them in Sons of the Forest.
How To Find Fireweed In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest has plenty of plants and flowers, which can be helpful when recovering health or boosting energy. The Fireweed plant is one such plant that can help in this regard, especially if you can’t get your health back from eating food, drinking water, or sleeping.

It’s, therefore, one of the most important plants to find, guaranteeing you know where to find them when exploring the island. In this guide, we've detailed how to get Fireweed and how to use them in Sons of the Forest.

How To Get Fireweed In Sons Of The Forest

Fireweed is a tubular plant recognizable by its pink flowers, green leaves, and stems. Like with other plants, it’s a consumable item that you can pick the plant to eat and recover some health or can be used to make other consumable items.

sons of the forest resources guide fireweed harvesting plants
Fireweed are known for their pink petals and green leaves, making it easy to find them. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

To locate this plant is quite tedious as it only grows in two different locations with the first location is nearby a cave entrance where you can find the Rope Gun and the Cross weapons. Find a river nearby, cross over to the other side, and search this area where you can discover Fireweed growing.

The second location is a little south of the previous location, which you can locate by following the same river. You’ll find the southernmost cave entrance, where you’ll need to cross the river away from the cave, and you can spot more Fireweed, and you can get Horsetail close by.

How To Use The Fireweed Plant In Sons Of The Forest?

Much like most flowers, plants, and fruits, Fireweed can be eaten raw after picking them or from your inventory or backpack if equipped. Similarly, if you get seeds when picking Fireweed, you can plant the seeds in your standing or wall planter and wait for the plants to grow.

sons of the forest resources guide fireweed inventory system
You can make the Health or Energy Mix+ by accessing the inventory system and combining the plants. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Fireweed is one of the essential items used to make two specific consumable packs, the Energy Mix+, and the Energy Mix+. To make the former, combine Fireweed, Chicory, and Devil’s Club on your crafting map in your inventory, and when completed, you’ll get the Energy Mix+ pack to eat or equip to your backpack.

Likewise, to make the Health Mix+, mix the Fireweed, Aloe Vera, and Horsetail from your crafting mat in your inventory. This item will recover more of your health than the standard Health Mix but do use this mix pack if you need health back quickly, especially when facing tough enemies.

And that completes this guide on finding Fireweed in Sons of the Forest, and we want to thank the YouTube channel ZaFrostPet for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.