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How To Get All GPS Locators In Sons Of The Forest

Find out where to find and how to use all three GPS locators in Sons of the Forest to aid in navigation and exploration.
How To Get All GPS Locators In Sons Of The Forest

Are you playing Sons of the Forest and wondering how to get GPS locators? Look no further. While this collectible equipment can be immensely helpful for navigating the vast island, the game's expansive map can make locating these devices difficult. As a result, it's no surprise many players are left frustrated and without a sense of direction. But fear not. We will reveal the locations of all GPS locators in Sons of the Forest and explain what they're used for the game. So, if you're tired of wandering aimlessly through the game's dense forests and want to know the best way to navigate the island, keep reading!

Where To Find All GPS Locators In Sons Of The Forest

gps locator locations sons of the forest
These are the locations of all three GPS Locators in Sons of the Forest. (Picture: Mapgenie)

There are three GPS locators in Sons of the Forest, and they're all located in the northwestern part of the game's expansive map. The first one is situated in the upper part of the map, just about directly north of the Maintenance B Digsite and to the west of the Beached Kayaks. It's located near a wooden cross grave, hidden among the foliage. You'll need a shovel to dig into the ground to retrieve it.

The second GPS locator location in Sons of the Forest is somewhere in the ocean, south of the first GPS location. Look for a small inflatable boat in the distance and then swim toward it. Once there, climb aboard, where you'll find the GPS locator on a dead body, a pistol, and some other items on the floor. But be warned: sharks will swim around the boat, and you must use the gun to fend them off.

The final GPS locator in Sons of the Forest is directly east of the second location and south of the Maintenance A Digsite. It is found on the body of a man hanging off the side of a cliff. To retrieve it, cut the rope holding the body and wait for it to fall to the ground. Once it does, you can loot the body to recover the GPS locator. In addition to the GPS locator, you will also find a flashlight on the body.

How To Use GPS Locators In Sons Of The Forest

how to place gps locator sons of the forest
GPS Locators can demarcate important areas on the map in Sons of the Forest. (Picture: Endnight Games)

Now that you've found the GPS locators in Sons of the Forest, you might wonder what it is used for. These items allow you to place waypoints in the game, which can be used to mark the location of resources, people, or places, making it a useful aid in your adventure. Before making a waypoint, you must place the GPS locator on the ground by binding it to a stick.

Unfortunately, it's not enough to simply plant it on the ground. You can also equip the GPS locator onto your companions Kelvin or Virginia, which allows you to trace their movements in the game. And if you want to change the waypoint location, you can easily move it to another spot. And that concludes our guide on where to find and how to use GPS locators in Sons of the Forest. With these collectibles, you can mark important locations and resources, making your survival journey much more manageable. Happy exploring!