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Sons Of The Forest Release Time Countdown

Here, we will reveal when Sons of the Forest will be released.
Sons Of The Forest Release Time Countdown

The Forest was a game that took a lot of people by surprise. It was a survival horror game that was well ahead of its time and grew in popularity in the years after the game initially launched on Steam. Sons Of The Forest will be an evolution of an already revolutionary game according to the beta testers who already played it.

Although crossplay will likely not be available for Sons Of The Forest, gamers all over the world are getting their friends together to survive on an island filled with mutant cannibals. The wait is nearly over because Sons Of The Forest will soon launch on Steam. Here, we will give you the exact times when this new survival game will launch so you can get excited about the next chapter of survival games.

When Will Sons Of The Forest Release?

The anticipation for Sons Of The Forest is very high. At the time of writing Sons Of The Forest is the most wishlisted game on Steam, outperforming several other high-profile games such as Starfield, Dark and Darker, and Kerbal Space Program 2. 

Thankfully, that wait is almost over. Sons Of The Forest will launch on February 23, 2023, on Steam. As of this writing, that is only one more day until the game will launch. Once the 23rd has hit, players all over the world will get to experience the popular survival horror game known as Sons Of The Forest.

What Time Will Sons of the Forest Release?

Although Endnight Games have not officially announced an exact release time for the games early access launch day, we actually know the release time thanks to the countdown timer on the Sons Of The Forest Steam page.

If you're too lazy to click through, here's the answer:

Sons Of The Forest will release at 5pm GMT on February 23.

If you're not living in the UK, here's what time the game will launch depending on the timezone which suits you best:

  • US West Coast: 9am PST
  • US East Coast: 12pm EST
  • UK: 5pm GMT
  • Europe: 6pm CET

We've even added a little countdown timer of our own to show you how long you have to wait.

Sons of the Forest Release Time
Sons of the Forest Release Date
Player feedback will be very important during the early access for Sons of the Forest. (Picture: Endnight Games)

Why Will Sons Of The Forest Launch In Early Access?

Although we say that Sons Of The Forest will launch on February 23rd, this is technically not true. The only reason why this is not true is that Sons Of The Forest will be an early access game. This means that Sons Of The Forest will not be a completed game and players will have the chance to give the developers feedback on what needs to be improved.

Right now, the early access window is looking to be around 6-8 months according to the developers. This would make the actual release date somewhere between August and October. But this can change. If the developers feel like Sons Of The Forest is in a good enough state, the game will have a full launch right then and there. So player feedback is very important for the developers at this time.