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Where To Get Water in Sons Of The Forest

Water can be a valuable resource between life and death, so you probably want to know where to get water in Sons of the Forest.
Where To Get Water in Sons Of The Forest

Much like in real life, water is an essential resource, providing sustenance for the human body and life. So it makes sense that water will be equally important in Sons of the Forest. In the game's early stages, you'll be tasked with finding water to quench your thirst, and as your time progresses, water will become a means to prolong your survival.

That said, many players will wonder where to get water in Sons of the Forest, and fortunately, we have the answer. In short, water is introduced early in the game after you've completed the "You Are Thirsty" objective. This guide will detail all the best locations to get water in Sons of the Forest to keep you hydrated throughout the game.

Best Water Locations In Sons Of The Forest

sons of the forest resource guide water locations lake river bank you are thirsty objective
Crouch down and drink water directly from the river to quench your thirst. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

While completing the "You Are Thirsty" objective, you need to find a river or lake somewhere on the island; using your GPS tracker can be helpful in this regard. Zoom in on the map, find a body of water, and set course until you spot the river or lake bed.

You'll need to interact with the river by crouching close to the edge and holding the "E" key to drink directly from the river or lake. You can drink as much as you need to prevent yourself from dying from thirst, as one handful equals one drink of water, but there are other ways to get water in-game.

A consumable item that can provide some water is finding Yarrow Flowers that grow nearby caves and can be identified by white-colored petals. Sometimes, you can also receive Yarro seeds which can be used to grow Yarrow Flowers near your settlement.

sons of the forest resource guide water locations eat consume yarrow flowers caves
You can also get some water when eating Yarrow Flowers found in nearby caves. (Picture: YouTube / WoW Quests)

Salmonberries have a similar effect to Yarrow Flowers; however, they offer less water than Yarrow Flowers. Lastly, you'll need a flask to store water and drink when dehydrated, especially when adventuring deeper into the island.

Crafting one can happen later in the game, for you can produce a flask when you locate a 3D printer and use resin to create a flask. The flask will become an essential tool in your Emergency Pack, so once you've made some progress with your camp, you can start exploring to locate the bunker where you find the 3D printer, which will become an important tool to use in the game.

We want to thank the YouTube channel WoW Quests for the complete walkthrough of locating water in Sons of the Forest. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.