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Is Sons Of The Forest Available On Xbox & Game Pass?

With Endnight Games launching their sequel, Sons of the Forest, later this month, will the game be coming to the Xbox & Game Pass?
Is Sons Of The Forest Available On Xbox & Game Pass?

Endnight Games will return to the gaming space with its latest terrifying release, Sons of the Forest. Serving as the spiritual sequel to 2018’s The Forest, this open-world survival horror game will build upon the foundations of its predecessor, introducing a brand-new story with new features and mechanics. But many players wonder if the game will be available to play on consoles. Better yet, the real question is: can you play Sons of the Forest on Xbox & Game Pass? If you're wondering the same question, rest assured you're in the right place. Here's everything you need to know.

Will Sons Of The Forest Come Out On Xbox & Game Pass?

sons of the forest solution guide xbox game pass surviving the remote island cannibalist creatures
Travel to a remote island to rescue a lost billionaire while evading the clutches of the cannibalistic creatures that inhabit the island. (Picture: Endnight Games)

In short, the answer is no, you can't play Sons of the Forest on Xbox or Game Pass. Well, at least not right now. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, the studio mentioned its desire to bring the open-world survival horror game to console platforms. But, for now, they are focused on delivering the best experience possible to PC players. As a result, Sons of the Forest won't be available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, as it is currently a Steam Store-exclusive title.

It's worth noting that Sons of the Forest has had multiple delays, but its full version is finally set to be released on 23rd February 2023. Fortunately, however,  PC players can get a sneak peek of the game through Steam Early Access. Although Sons of the Forest is not being released on console platforms on launch day, it is at least comforting to know that the developers have expressed interest in bringing it to Xbox at a later date.

According to the game's official description, players will embark on a mission to find a missing billionaire on a remote island. However, the island is home to cannibals who will make your stay on the island a living nightmare. To survive and rescue the billionaire, players must learn to forage, craft, and build, with the freedom to do whatever it takes to stay alive. So, in summary, Sons of the Forest will launch on Steam Early Access, with a full version release set for 23rd February 2023. While it will only be available on PC at first, console release post-launch is a possibility.