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StarCraft 2 GSL Super Tournament Top 4

First big Korean StarCraft 2 tournament of the year is entering Top 4 phase
StarCraft 2 GSL Super Tournament Top 4

Although the last couple of years we've seen "foreigner" StarCraft 2 players showing skills and results like never before, there's simply something in the South Korean StarCraft 2 scene that elevates the level of play and enjoyment to another level.

That's why fans still love to watch GSL series, and that's why it was hard this first few months without it. But GSL is soon coming back, and these days, we're already enjoying top Korean StarCraft 2 thanks to GSL Super Tournament. After two postpones due to coronavirus corncerns, it finally aired, but without a live audience, only broadcasted on AfreecaTV and Youtube.

Round 16 saw some surprisingly clean 3-0 swipes, but yesterday in Top 8 we had some quite intense games.

In the first match of the game, Zest was defeated by Trap, in PvP standoff. In the previous round, Zest beat TY quite quickly, but it looks like it wasn't his day against Trap. Trap was in controlling position in most of the games, dictating tempo and map presence, while Zest has made some sloppy mistakes, which in the end resulted with 3-1 win for Trap.

The second match of the day was between Dark and sOs. Dark showed why he is the world champion and dominated the series with 3-0. Protoss sOs tried everything, constantly harassing with Dark Templates, having almost perfect Prism micro and making powerful proxy attacks. Still, somehow Dark always ended with a stronger army which decimated Protoss in a face to face battles.

The most exciting duel of the day was a mirror Terran match between StarCraft prodigy Maru and "robot" Innovation. This intense series, with a lot of turnovers and various army compositions, eventually ended with a 3-2 win for Maru, the only remaining Terran player in Top 4.

The last match od the day, TvZ between Cure and Solar, was also very exciting. Cure played a really good StarCraft 2, with great micro, but eventually, series were decided with a consistent Zerg Macro play from Solar.

Top 4 matches are scheduled for this Saturday, starting from 9 AM CET, and you can watch them live on AfreecaTV youtube channel.