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How To Customize Cat In Stray To Get CJ And Garfield Mods

This guide explains how to add customizable mods to your cat in Stray, letting you play as Garfield, GTA's CJ, and more.
How To Customize Cat In Stray To Get CJ And Garfield Mods

The popular cat game Stray, developed by French studio BlueTwelve, has been a hit since releasing in July 2022. While players have fallen in love with their new furry friend, some creative minds have created unique player models for the feline protagonist, ranging from the ability to change the cat's eye color or fur to a complete model overhaul.

This guide details how to fully customize the cat player model in Stray, allowing you to breathe new life into the furry character as you explore the game's dystopian world. We've also explained how to transform your Stray cat model into CJ from Grand Theft Auto, Garfield, and more!

How to customize your cat in Stray

stray garfield player model customization mod
You can turn your boring old Stray player model into Garfield! (Picture: Nexusmods / Chris Rubino)

Here are all the steps to change the cat player model in Stray. Before starting, ensure that Stray is fully closed down, and bear in mind that these mods are derived from unofficial sources.

Firstly, you'll want to navigate to the Nexusmods web page, where you can find a library of mods available. Next, choose a mod you like and download it to your computer. Finally, once the file has finished downloading, extract all the files.

Next, open Steam and find Stray in your Library menu. Right-click on the name and select "Manage"; then select "Browse local files." The File Explorer window should open; navigate to the following directory: "Steam > steamapps > common > Stray > Hk_project > Content > Paks."

how to customize player model cat in stray
Open Steam and paste the mod file into the game's file directory. (Picture: YouTube / Lam0rak)

Then copy and paste the modded Pak file into that directory. The default skin should be replaced with the modded version when you open the game. Again, ensure Stray is closed before copying the custom Pak file. To uninstall the mod, delete the custom Pak file.

Stray CJ and Garfield Mod

We've listed a few cool or funny mods you can try out in Stray below. To apply these mods, follow the instructions set out above.

  • Change Stray cat into CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Download.
  • Change Stray cat into Garfield - Download.
  • Change Stray cat's meows to Vtuber Nyanner's noises - Download.
  • Change Stray cat into a gray tabby cat - Download.

And that's all. We want to thank the YouTube channel lam0rak for their step-by-step guide on changing the cat player model in Stray. You can subscribe to their channel for more amazing content.

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Featured image courtesy of Nexusmods / Sirgalahad172.