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Pokimane has advice for simps: "Stop giving people who got money free sh*t"

The Twitch star says that people need to think twice before they decide to give their money to people who are already rich.
With over 5.95M followers on Twitch, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the #1 female streamer on the platform, and with her 23M followers across all social networks, she is most definitely one of the most influential gaming personalities on the planet.

With an estimated ~10,000 monthly subscribers on Twitch, the Moroccan-born Twitch superstar earns around 25000 USD from subs alone, and that's just a small part of her earings since she has several big sponsorship deals.

Pokimane donations free stuff free coffee
(Picture: Pokimane)

We don't know the exact numbers, but we do know that Pokimane once turned down a million sponsorship deal, which speaks for itself.

And yet, she's one of the streamers that has the biggest income when it comes to streaming donations, which usually represent a large percentage of income for streamers.

Her donation notifications are never quiet and her fans are constantly showering her with donations.

Of course, she mostly doesn't mind that but she does have something to say about it from time to time.

Pokimane donations free stuff free coffee
(Picture: Pokimane)

Recently, one of her fans donated to her some amount of "bits" (Twitch currency you buy for real money to then use for donations), and sent her a voice message to accompany that donation where he mentioned "free coffee" for her, at the place where he works.

Pokimane was, of course, grateful for that donation, but she did have something to say about it, one thing that she didn't like and wanted to share that with her fans on the stream.

"Thank you! Don't worr...OK, I'm gonna be honest...y'all gonna need to stop giving people who got money free shit," Pokimane genuinely said to her viewers.

"Influencers, actors, people you recognize... they got money! You should say 'Hey, I'm a really big fan!' and asked them to tip you extra!"

Still, some people are seeing this message of her as ironic and hypocritical, since people are constantly tipping her with huge donations during her streaming sessions, which some might say is the same as "giving free stuff to rich people".

Pokimane donations free stuff free coffee
(Picture: Pokimane)

And while she is often followed with some controversies, Pokimane showed several times in the past that she does care about the community and she knows where to roots of her success are, and she thinks that in some ways, she needs to give back to it.

A few weeks ago she decided to spend $10,000 on donations and subscriptions to other Twitch content creators, and she's recently contributed to student tuition fees and scholarships for students at the UCI esports program with $50,000 gift.