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Pokimane talks creepy Twitch clips taken during streams

Pokimane has commented on viewers taking creepy Twitch clips as QuarterJane shares her concerns.
With millions upon millions of subscribers, Twitch superstar Imane "Pokimane" Anys is always in the spotlight, and has seen her fair share of controversy. However, some viewers also go out of their way to take clips from streamers' Twitch broadcasts, and Pokimane, as well as QuarterJade, has now spoken up about the creepy clip issue.

Pokimane and QuarterJane on creepy Twitch clips

Some viewers take clips of a female streamer while they are standing up from their chair, attempting to show the streamer in a sexual manner. 

While the streamer innocently stands up, for example, to get a drink, or bend over for an innocent reason, a certain type of viewer would then clip out this section of the broadcast to showcase the streamer's behind. 

Pokimane creepy twitch clips QuaterJade

(Picture: Pokimane)


QuarterJade, who has over 350,000 subscribers, seems to have had enough of these creepy Twitch clips.


Her reaction (which is a bit NSFW) is clearly out of frustration with creepy Twitch clips, and Pokimane responded to someone suggesting QuarterJade should disable her camera and say "BRB" when getting up from a chair.


Pokimane's comment on the creepy Twitch situation makes a lot of sense, and is something the platform should definitely look into.

Hopefully, this type of harassment will be dealt with, as creepy Twitch clips of an innocent moment for any streamer, not just big names such as Pokimane, shouldn't be sexualized. The battle, however, is clearly far from over.