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Street Fighter V Spring Update: New characters, content, release date, and more

Three new characters will join Capcom's title roster, in addition to announcing new content regarding the Capcom Pro Tour and Season Passes
Street Fighter V Spring Update: New characters, content, release date, and more

With Capcom continuing the legacy of Street Fighter V with Season 5, more content is set to arrive with the Spring Update, including characters, exclusive items, and more.

Among the newcomers, Capcom finally showed footage of a fighter that makes her long-awaited crossover debut representing the Rivals School franchise - Akira, who was revealed in a previous developer update.

Akira is sadly still in development and is schedule for release during the Summer Update, in the meantime, let's see all the details of the Street Fighter V Spring Update.

Street Fighter V Spring Update - Rose joins the roster

With Capcom showcasing the roadmap for Season 5 back in 2020, fans have eagerly awaited each new update, and following the release of Dan Hibiki, it's Rose's turn to shine, a character that debuted in the Street Fighter Alpha series and was last seen back in Street Fighter IV.

Rose, the fortune teller with soul power, will return with her tarot in tow to change the future of Street Fighter V, with a set of powerful new moves at her disposal.

Rose's toolkit includes a set of tarot cards (V-Skill I) that act as status changes for her and the opponents. She can pull cards that make her do more chip damage, increase her V-Gauge faster, and many more.

She also has two powerful V-Triggers. I lets Rose use a teleport, ideal for mix-ups and crazy-looking combo strings, with V-Trigger II being her classic Soul Illusion from the Alpha series, which sees her get a clone that mimics her every move for a brief period of time.

Did we mention she also has a projectile that can be thrown diagonally? 

Rose will be available from 19th April.

Street Fighter V Spring Update - New costumes 

A new season of the Capcom Pro Tour is set to kick-off this upcoming 17th April, with the costume pack announced back in March coming to SFV two days later with the Spring Update.

This special pass will be available for $19.99. It includes exclusive content related to the event.

Of course, you can get your hands on the regular Season 5 Premium Pass for $39.99.

This pass includes new outfits, items to customize the player's badge, new colors for fighters, every stage, and character coming with Season 5.

Among some of the new cosmetics coming with the Spring Update, three new outfits have been confirmed for Vega, Seth, and Juri.

sfv spring update
(Picture: Capcom)

In case this is not of your interest and you want to focus on the Season 5 characters (Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira, and a final unannounced one), you can purchase the Character Pass for $ 24.99, which also includes items to customize your player badge and some special outfits for the included champions.

sfv season 5 pass
(Picture: Capcom)

Street Fighter V Spring Update - Oro and Akira gameplay 

While both characters are still months away, fans finally got a glimpse of what they'll look like in action when they arrive during the Summer update.

The wandering hermit Oro will make his return to the saga since his last appearance in Street Fighter III, equipped with his classic moveset along with a handful of new ones, but keeping his one-arm combat style.

However, unlike SFIII where he tied one of his arms, he will appear holding a new pet turtle during combat. His move set broadens his range of offensive and defensive opportunities, either by shortening the distance to the opponent, changing his landing point, as well as making use of many grabs and locks.

As we've said, Rival Schools' Akira Kazama will make her crossover debut in SFV, with Capcom sneaking in a behind-the-scenes progress video of the game’s upcoming challengers.

Akira will keep some of her Rival Schools flair in SFV, plus her brother Daigo will also make an appearance as part of her arsenal. More details about her explosive skill set will be announced soon.

Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and on PlayStation 5 through its backwards compatibility.