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How to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers?

Loosen up in the subways of Mexico in todays guide as we show you how to unlock Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers.
How to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers World Tour has brought a host of new runners into the fray, with runners from all corners of the world joining in on the fund and giving players the chance to try out new characters. One of these characters is the mysterious Bob the Blob from Mexico, featured as a new collectable character as a part of Subway Surfers unlockable content.

If you're eager to get your hands on Bob the Blob and want to know how you can go about doing so, then look no further. Today we have put together a guide on how to unlock Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers. 

How to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers?

As mentioned previously, Bob the Blob is a part of Subway Surfers wide array of characters from locations around the world. Bob the Blob is one of the newer characters, that was in fact a fan-made creation put into the game and is up for purchase for 30,000 Event tokens, making them the most expensive player unlock in the game. 

How to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers Available to unlock for 30000 Event Tokens
Bob the Blob is available to unlock by purchase for 30,000 Event Tokens in Subway Surfers. (Picture: YouTube / MobileStar)

Event Tokens are the main currency in the game and are gained by completing various challenges and tasks in the game. Such as collecting them on the Season Hunt, purchasing them directly for Keys or when reaching a certain number of coins and receiving the tokens from the Coin Meter. 

Once players have enough Event Tokens, you can purchase Bob the Blob from the main menu when playing Subway Surfers, and start running with them straight away.

Bob the Blob is a blueish blob looking humanoid character and appears to have no internal organs, a simplified skeleton and flowers decorating the skull floating in his head. 

How to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers nobodies sure how bob became a Blob in Subway Surfers
It is still uncertain as to how Bob became a Blob, but they are still a fun and unique character to play and worth it to unlock. (Picture: YouTube / MobileStar)

While nobody knows exactly how Bob ended up as a blob, some say they were the result of a freak accident, an experiment gone wrong, or just a blob person with a skeleton aesthetic matching that of a Mexican Halloween theme.

Either way, we can say for sure that Bob the Blob is a rather cool looking character and fans will have a great time running through the subways of Subway Surfer with this adorable blue blob.  

And that's everything you need to know to get Bob the Blob in Subway Surfers.

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Featured image courtesy of Kiloo.