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How to upgrade score multiplier in Subway Surfers

Using Subway Surfers' score multiplier can get you crazy amounts of points. Here's how to upgrade yours.
How to upgrade score multiplier in Subway Surfers

Your score in the hit mobile game Subway Surfers is largely determined by your score multipliers, but it's not made obvious how to increase your score.

Here's how to increase your score multiplier in Subway Surfers to get a better score so you can top the leaderboards or just beat a few friends.

How to increase score multiplier in Subway Surfers

There are both permanent score multipliers and temporary score multipliers in Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers permanent score multipliers

Subway Surfers score multiplier
Subway Surfers' score multiplier can go over 30x with temporary multiplier bonuses. (Image: SYBO)

When you start off in Subway Surfers, your multiplier will be 1x, which likely won't be enough to get you even close to the high scores. You can increase your multipliers permanently, though, just by playing the game and completing missions.

Whenever you finish a mission, your level increases. As your level increases, your score multiplier increases all the way up to 30x.

Because 30x is the limit, players won't be able to earn more than a 30x multiplier at any point in time without extra event score multipliers.

Subway Surfers temporary multipliers

There are a number of ways to increase your multiplier past 30x, but they are temporary increases.

Power-ups are one reliable way to temporarily increase your score.

The following Power-ups can increase your score just by using them in the game:

  • 2x Multiplier Power-up (2x)
  • Score Booster Power-up (x5-x7, depending on how many the player uses)

Events can also boost your scores significantly if you're playing at the right time.

The Multiplier Bonus event takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays and gives certain characters a +3 Score Booster. The characters featured depend on where the Subway Surfers World Tour is currently set, and which characters are prominent.

For Copenhagen 2022 - Week 1, the current update as of 23rd May 2022, the featured character is Bob the Blob.

Now you know how to increase your score multiplier in Subway Surfers so you can get a high score and make your way to the top of the leaderboards.

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Featured image courtesy of SYBO.