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Does Subway Surfers need internet?

Some Subway Surfers players have wondered if Subway Surfers is available offline without WiFi, here's the answer.
Does Subway Surfers need internet?

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game available on Android, and iOS. Windows Phone, and Kindle. The game came out in 2012, but players have been addicted ever since. In fact, as of 2019, the game was the most downloaded of the decade, according to Business Insider.

Because the game is so popular, some fans are no doubt wondering if Subway Surfers can be played offline wherever they go, even when WiFi access isn't readily available. Players may want to enjoy the game when they can't access the internet, such as on the road or in a rural area.

Does Subway Surfers need internet?

Subway Surfers characters
Players are able to play Subway Surfers without internet, but they won't be able to access the in-game store or compete in leaderboards. (Image: SYBO)

Thankfully, Subway Surfers does not require internet access for players to enjoy the game. Subway Surfers is considered an offline game, so anyone who has already downloaded the game can play it anywhere.

Players are able to access Subway Surfers on all platforms - Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Kindle - without internet access.

Of course, players will need internet access to download the game if they don't already have it.

That said, players who play offline will not be able to access social features like leaderboards, meaning that they won't be able to compete globally or with friends. Offline players will also not be able to access the in-game store or make any purchases, nor will they be able to watch reward videos for bonuses.

Players will receive a "connection error" message if the feature they're trying to access isn't available offline. (Image: SYBO)

When playing offline, players can determine whether they can access a feature by the messages they receive. If the messages “Connection Error Check Settings” or “Connection Problem” pop up, that feature is inaccessible offline.

Now you know whether you can play Subway Surfers offline (you can!), and which features are restricted to the game's online mode. Enjoy the early stages of gameplay and make sure to check back with us for all your future gaming needs.

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Featured image courtesy of SYBO.