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Melee pro Hax apologises to Leffen after comparing him to Hitler in 2 video

Hax apologizes to Leffen and the Melee community via YouTube and a statement for comparing him to Hitler.
Melee pro Hax apologises to Leffen after comparing him to Hitler in 2 video

After a series of bizarre accusations against FGC and Smash personality William "Leffen" Hjelte, Melee pro Aziz "Hax" Al-Yami has apologised to his peer after his 2.5-hour video rant titled 2, in which he calls the two-time Evo winner a "tyrannical person," drawing comparisons with Adolf Hitler in the process.

Hax posted both a video to his YouTube channel and a statement on social media, apologising to Leffen and the Melee community as a whole for blowing things out of proportion after Leffen successfully lobbied in favour of re-editing the Metagame documentary after he felt was misportrayed.

Hax, who has been beefing with Leffen for several years due to actions made by the Swede in the past few years, explained he got into an argument with Leffen over the Metagame documentary and whether it should have revisions made to the original cut aired on Twitch this past December.

hax apology
Hax made a video and a written apology. (Picture: Hax)

The initial cut of the Metagame documentary, which narrates the era of the 'Five Gods of Melee', highlights Leffen's toxic behaviour over his accomplishments at the time; thus, the 26-year-old was far from happy with his portrayal.

After Leffen "got his way," as Hax puts it, said the decision to alter the documentary sent him on a path that eventually led him to escalate matters and take things too far. "So far, in fact, that I need to extend an apology to Leffen for some of the things that I said about him along the way."

"I've learned a lot in terms of how my actions can negatively affect other people and how even when I find myself in a high-stress situation, it's not an excuse to go about doing things recklessly in a way that will project my stress into other people," Hax added.

hax apology
Hax promised to do better in the future. (Picture: Hax)

As of the time of writing, Leffen has yet to acknowledge Hax's apology.


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Featured image via Hax.