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Galaxies mechanic delayed until Patch 10.7 after new set launches

While the Galaxies set will still bring new champions, classes and origins on 18th March, the namesake Galaxies mechanic will coming in a future patch while the system is fine-tuned.
Galaxies mechanic delayed until Patch 10.7 after new set launches

Teamfight Tactics' upcoming set launch for Galaxies will be missing the Galaxies mechanic on the Convergence until Patch 10.7 as announced on social media by the autobattler's lead designer.

While Patch 10.6 will introduce the new set for the first time beyond the PBE, no Galaxies will be present at launch. Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer, Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, shared a post on Twitter to explain the decision to leave out the biggest change the set brings initially.

The original plan was for two Galaxies to be possible in the initial set release and these were seen on the PBE under the names Neekoverse and Purple Haze, featuring in around 20% of games combined, leaving some players disappointed to play in regular matches.

While adding more randomness to matches, the popularity of these Galaxies that introduce items, carousel changes or alter the state of play and force players to adapt around them has seen Riot Games take steps to add more at a faster pace.

The confirmed future Galaxies coming in Patch 10.7 (and possibly 10.8) are:

  • Neekoverse - every player starts with two Neeko's Help items
  • Lilac Nebula - initial carousel is all four-cost champions (previously called Purple Haze)
  • Trade Sector - the first reroll of each round is free
  • Superdense Galaxy - players receive a free Force of Nature when they reach level five
  • Not So Little Legends - Little Legends have more starting health and are larger

Other Galaxies will likely come in further updates to the game but for now, players will get their first opportunity to play with the new champions from 18th March when Patch 10.6 drops.

Click here for the full list of Galaxies champions as well as guides to the classes and origins that feature in the third Teamfight Tactics set. There are also new Little Legends and items to get familiar with including changes to the Spatula combinations to fit the new theme.